Season 2018 - Hawthorn


I can’t stomach losing to these carnts twice in year.


If we can beat Hawks and Swans I will be happy.

Think Swans will be the next biggest test for the year after Richmond.


His own Scaphoid?


Fark Hawthorn.
Surely I’m not the first to say it?..


Howe offered two for Cripps strike and straight to tribunal for breaking Fisher’s leg in a trip.


Harsh but if it’s his time to go.



Farkin Mitchell. Contracted to West Coast as a coach for 2 years. He just says, “I am going home to Melbourne for family reasons” meanwhile he contacts his old club presumably looking for a coaching job back in Melbourne.

Has he ever heard of integrity, honesty, decency ? Guess what mate, you are not a player any more. They can hold you to your contract, or probably sue you if you really do want to go. You are not so special any more.

Arrogant prick.


Maybe that was what he meant with the injection action thing??

He was actually saying, …“I’m a prick, … I’m a prick” … :smirk:


Once a ■■■■, always a ■■■■…


Slotted himself as a consultant at best, if true.




It was interesting hearing on Hirdys podcast that we were interested in Mitchell in 2011 and Hirdy said that Mitchell wanted out of Hawthorn due to strained relationship with the coach. They sat down and had a 30 min chat but in the end Sam decided to stay at Hawks


if he did come to us I wonder how he’d have gone…?



Hawthorn has more guts than Essendon example number 100 or something


It’s not like anyone else wants to look like Hawthorn.

Except the umps, they’re in love with urine and poopoo.


It’s rot from the AFL. Force all teams to have light/dark strips you COWARDS.


That’s a shame, I really miss the blue one with the diamonds*

*said absolutely no one ever.


I don’t get the one on the left. Why would they wear blue and black?


Probably a smarter club than Carlton right now, what club in their right mind would take the field in what look like grey shorty pyjamas.


Not really. It’s just an easier case to argue that Brown and yellow don’t clash with anything.