Season 2018 - Hawthorn


I just thought it was because nonna doesn’t have a Whirlpool.


I think it’s one of those magic eye things.


I think just do it embrace it and make it awesome.
Love the original strip, but changes year to year anyway with new sponsors, different width of sash and droopy etc.

My ideal clash strip would probably be Red shorts and indigenous Guernsey.

But yeh if Demons are willing to wear the light blue guernsey, maybe throw a few $$ their way.

No clash with Tigers IMO. just wear Red/Yellow shorts for these games, and 1 of these will be indigenous game anyway.

Adelaide crows - Indigenous guernsey should suffice

Actually wouldnt mind seeing us wearing the red shorts more, ie when we play interstate, but with normal Guernsey.

And we should sell the Red shorts on Bombershop.


Wasnt that the original Mayblooms Guernsey ??


Honestly don’t care.
We once wore one.
Now we wear many.

Fat sash, seatbelt sash, grain sash, thin strips of black on a totally red background…friggin’ platinum…
Wear a green jumper with black polka-dots for all of me, it doesn’t matter.

If anyone wants to salvage anything, then get an assurance that we play in our original strip if we ever play in a Grand Final.


Probably because he’ll have to find someone elses pic to take into the dunny now.


That was a mental image I really didn’t need


Beats getting scammed by a Nigerian prince though I suppose lol


Lol. True.


If you put Clarkson in that one he’d look like a jockey in the magic millions


In footy every dog is supposed to have his day.
Clarkson seems to have had his decade.




These guys have got draft picks 53 and 90.

Really loading up on the youngsters again!

This will mean that over the last 3 drafts, they would have used 1 pick inside the top 50 and that was Worpel at 45 in 2017.
It has to come back to bite them eventually.
Even looking at 2015 their 2 1st round picks were actually picks 19 and 22. Burton is gone and Lovell looks to be a spud and surely has to be a good chance to be delisted in the next week or so.

They just appear to have given up on the draft completely.


They know they’re about to explode age-wise so have gone “all in”. Will be sweet to see them go bust.


Yeah, we’ve heard it all before. They will have tons of cap space next year and will probably somehow grab Coniglio or some other FA.
The Hawks have been genuinely crap for only about 5 years in my lifetime it seems.


If West Coast, Richmond, Collingwood, Us, Melbourne and GWS play near their potential next season they’ll all be miles ahead of anything Hawthorn are capable of. Even if Hawks are next, they’lk Be starting to realise how far away they are when these sides touch them up.
If that happens a guy like Coniglio won’t help and they could easily go belly up for a few years and double that 5 year count.


I reckon they’re near certainties to get Coniglio next year.

But the critical mass of players leaving at the same time in a few years is going to hurt. Their list build all kinds of ■■■■■■ up.


Can’t believe W Langford’s career ended the way it has. He looked terrific in 2014 and almost killed Sydney single-handedly in the 2014 GF.


One game is really all that made him look “good”. He generally wasn’t overly great, though '14 was a reasonable year. However most of the time he spent the game running around like a chook with it’s head cut off. No great skill, nothing that made him a stand out and was really only a depth player. They don’t think they need him anymore in that one spot he can play (and not overly well anyway).

Anyway they wanted to trade him, he refused as he only wanted to play for Hawthorn and was told he was gone next year and he basically said fine, let me move on to other stuff outside footy now and they said ok.

Does his payout fit under next years salary cap?


Will Langford gives a lie to the “Hawthorn only recruit great kicks” trope. Horrendous butcher. He was otherwise not too far off the mark IMO.