Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Everything ok D Iggers? Seems as though you are bored so you like to say stupid things to get some sort of engagement.



We don’t need a line in the sand next year, they won’t even make the line, will be scrambling and scratching.

Really looking forward to them going down, its been a long time!


Still the most punchable face in the afl


Then why not take him pick numero uno?



Shiel vs Omeara
Heppell on Mitchell
Saad on Wingard
McGrath against Smith
We have these guys covered.


Good question.


And what about the onions?


Agree on two of those match-ups.


That’s their big guns.
Then we still have Merrett, Smith, Zaharakis, Fantasia against their jobbers


If Clarko can walk on water and does have the intellect of Einstein I reckon he can sneak them in to about 8th at best. He should get coach of the year if he does.


Sounds like the kents are forming a partnership with the new SE Melbourne NBL franchise


Why don’t soccer clubs try and form partnerships with AFL clubs? Considering many of the soccer clubs struggle to make money surely this could be a way to reduce expenses


Didn’t FC try to bring a soccer club under their auspices and failed badly?


And Collingwood


There’s a word for that these days - it’s called ‘trolling’.
Most forums ban them after a while.


You’d be lost without me.


I don’t know. FC are probably a bad example though. It would be interesting to see a good club try it.


Last off-season, @Diggers created the DJ King Thread.

This off-season…