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I just looked back at the 2013 draft. Wow it was a ripper. With Nathan Freeman literally limping to 2 games it means pick 38 in Dayle Garlett is the highest drafted player from that draft not to have played an AFL match. Thank god we dodged that bullet.

Maybe this is something for @Diggers. The Hawks have a horrible record with pick 38 (unlike us who have never taken pick 38 in the National Draft before). Here is their roll of dishonour:

1987 - John Polkinghorne - 0 Games
2005 - Travis Tuck (father son) - 20 games (plus 3 strikes)
2010 - Mitch Hallahan - 6 games - he played another 20 for Gold Coast
2011 - Jordan Kelly - 0 games
2013 - Dayle Garlett - 0 games

Just for comparison sake the best pick 38s ever are:
-1998 - Brendan Fevola - 204 games - 623 goals - 3 x AA and 2 Colemans
-1999 - Cameron Ling - 246 games - 1 x AA and 3 x premiership player
-2008 - Matthew Broadbent - 161 games
-2009 - Sam Reid (Sydney) - 121 games and 1 x premiership player

Other premiership players are Ashley Hansen and Mark Blake

Let’s hope the 2018 pick 38 is as fruitful as the 1998 and 2008 picks.


… he has annoyed with the Silly Sausage Role.


Collingwood had one in 1995 I think, basically just set it up and bought players, lasted 2 years I think.

Carlton also set one up as well but actually had a a younger squad and developed them together. They didn’t last much longer I don’t think but it was more a failing of the NSL. They were pretty decent.




G Wright just confirmed that they rated Mosquito lower than Essendon and declined to match on that basis. Also said Mosquito has a long way to go development wise but is confident he’s in good hands with Essendon.

There you go. From the source.


I think this was pretty much what everybody thought. And it was reported that Hawthorn knew Essendon were going to bid with 38 and they weren’t going to match. The 2 clubs had already spoken about it. We can afford to have Mozzy develop in the 2s next season. Hawthorn needed to fill more immediate needs.

Now can we just be happy we got him? And cross our fingers that Hawthorn missed a future champion? Ok good.


I guess this means we head back to the Bunnings thread


If you want to hang out your own, I suppose…


If Mosquito turns into a 20x games a season, 2x goal average per game regular, Hawthorn will be kicking dust for the next 10 years.


Are you now suggesting that thread has gone stale?


Yep Hawthorn on the wrong side of this. If he doesn’t play, nobody cares, if he’s good then Hawthorn look stupid.


It’s been stale ever since you onion spillers chose white bread over a freshly baked bun.

mmmmm… Freshly baked…


That has already been stated by them from that night and was told to you already. You didn’t discover something new that answers the questions you asked that hadn’t already been explained to you.


It would have been weird for them to pass if they rated him as highly as Essendon.
‘Oh, we think he’s worth that pick. We’re just in a pesky mood.
By the way, is there cake? There is? Good. We don’t want any.’


I think he’s going to be great. He just screams “Essendon player” to me.

Seriously, rewatch his highlight video on AFL and tell me he’s not going to rip it up.


Isn’t that the gist of the draft, where one side rates a player differently to another side. Especially when they are going for best available.


There you go again, jumping to conclusions. If there was a World Championship of conclusion jumping, you would be first picked to represent Australia and a good chance for a podium finish.


What the fark is going on in here? Yet another Digs troll thread?


Pretty much but it would be a tough decision as they have invested two years worth of time and effort into him only to see the fruits of their labour enjoyed by another club.

They thought he was good enough to nurture, but not good enough to pick.

G Wright said matching Essendon’s bid would have screwed up the balance of this year’s draft and compromised next year’s as well.

Serious business.


Pondering out loud.

I’m told you like to ponder every now and again.