Season 2018 - Hawthorn


I don’t know what’s you mean by this but it sounds dirty. I’m in


Ok but don’t ponder to close to me. Icey will jump to a conclusion.


And isn’t that exactly what about a dozen people had already said, in this thread and others?? This is a guy that calls Rolls “Buns” though, … jus’ sayin’.


As to your first point - that was the point of my post.
As to your second point - I prefer to call them panini.


I like to call my lovers ‘panini’.
Just before I close the door.


No jumping needed, your words speak for themselves as attested by quite a few people. But you keep trolling. Mind you if you were Trip you would have been banned by now.


And in 1st place with a combined score of a perfect 100 is… @IceTemple of Australia.

Never before have we seen such consistent jumping to conclusion. Any topic, any situation. No one forms a such a solid view based on assumption like Icey can. He’s in a class of his own.

This record… It may never be broken.



Give it a rest.


No one (outside Hawthorn) knew the reason why they passed on Mosquito until earlier today when G Wright explained Hawthorn’s reasoning. Everything prior was just speculation.

Which was why the question was asked in the first place because, like you, I didn’t know why Hawthorn passed. Now we do.

And that’s the point of asking questions. You know, to find stuff out?

Those who see my question about Hawthorn’s motives as anything other than a genuine search for an answer need to take a moment to reflect on their own insecurities and refrain from projecting them out on to the rest of us.


Off to bingo, Grandma. Don’t involve yourself where you’re not wanted.


Is it though?


Well, yes.

Why do you ask questions?


There you go with incorrect facts. Hawthorn responded on draft day that they passed him for that very reason.


Many reasons, as most people do, I think.
I can think of many off the top of my head. To instruct, perhaps. To lead someone to a desired conclusion. To self-incriminate. To show someone up for being a carnt. Many reasons!


And that’s the thing. If you think there is something sinister in my question, the problem is yours and reveals an internal conflict over the issue. Some, actually most of you then choose to lash out at questioner, rather than choosing to reign in your insecurities and engage in a conversation without prejudice.

It’s easier to thrash away then address the underlying issue.

Taking the emotion out of it is beyond some of you but there are others who have shown promise in this regard.

It can be done.


When you say ‘you’ - do you mean in an alien/Earthling way?


It seems that you’re slowly becoming the new VD Sucks


Whilst getting the ‘we didn’t rate him at that pick’ gives us an understanding, I would like to know more detail.

Why was their rating lower, was it priorities, how it would effect their points, something about Mozzie specifically, they just don’t think he will make it are all potential reasons which would give us an indication.

Don’t think we will ever get it unless he explodes onto the sceen in the next 2 years.


But Wright’s opinion on overlooking Mosquito wasn’t fact until Diggers heard it. Much like Robbo doesn’t believe something is fact until it’s printed in the Hearld Sun.


Hawthorn just hoped no-one else grabbed and they could pick him up in the 13th round. Dodoro said he rang Wright the day before so they had plenty of time to ponder, as Diggers would say.