Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Maybe we should just start a weird contrary views thread where Wim and Digs can furiously argue with (or agree with) each other?


Can we be team-mates? We could call it “Team Funny, with Bomb Doe and also that other not funny guy” (name needs some work)


He won’t even call me a troll in the Worsfold thread anymore.
That’s how soft and cuddly he’s gotten and you blokes are still sooking.


Do you want me to call you a troll in the Worsfold thread? Cause I can tooooootally do that


It’s just not the same.


Upset is maybe overstating it just a touch.

You could probably draw the line where I stopped caring to roughly the point I changed from earnest replies to suggestions of lead poisoning.


If you’re not calling for the ban hammer and crying in your bourbon, then I’m not referring to you.





Im also really really confused. Wims going all BSD on us


Wim’s always been that way a little. But he hates Woosha so you gotta expect it.


You’ve never?
Oh, you simply must.


You know everyone has a drink they punish when they’re 19-21 and now the smell or taste of it, or the sight of the bottle makes em spew?


You mean Southern Comfort? Or sparkling white wine of any variety including French champagne.


You just described how I feel about one of my ex girlfriends perfectly


Alcoholism is not a relationship




That would be whiskey straight up. Damn Johnnie Walker Red, absolutely horrible drink. Even very expensive single malts make my stomach queezy.


Punish eh


username innit