Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Tequila for me. Too old for that stuff now


What I’m hearing is that to cut down on alcohol you should employ the ‘Dad caught you smoking’ method to every type of liquor until there are none left.


all the sambucas


What’s the one with pineapple? Illusions?

Starting to heave just thinking about it.


See, even though you dorks got all sensitive over Hawthorn not selecting I Mosquito, we can come together over bad alcohol memories.


Tequilla for me as well, the smell of that dunno if i could stomach it anymore.

Back in the day at one of the clubs, they would play a tequilla song and during that song tequillas shots were only $2 and my mate would always load us up hence I probably had too many…


I still can’t drink wine. Bottle-skulling competition memories from my youth… aaarrghhhhh
And don’t get me started on that farking awful alcoholic aftershave, Southern Comfort…


Don Eladio probably feels the same…


Tequila is interesting. It can definitely get you drunk, but sans a proper hangover.


I reckon when @Bomb_Doe gets going, he’d get you out of your comfort zone, but in a good way.


(a) pretty sure you were the only one who seemed to have some issue with the Hawks not selecting Mosquito. Everyone else just wanted to celebrate us getting him
(b) who uses the word “dork” these days? Is this some backwards WA/Sausage thing?


a) I was seeking answers, you dorks started getting all huffety-puffety.
b) I use it when contextually appropriate. Which is often with you dorks.



Southern Comfort, ginger ale and fresh lime with lots of ice. Fantastic, particularly on a hot day.


No you weren’t


And the winner is…


Certainly not you, you lost, now have the grace to walk away.




Who is everyones tip for Hawthorns captain.

Im thinking it will go to Isaac Smith.

But would like to see Mitchell © and O’Meara V©
other candidates - Sicily and Gunston.

I guess if they gave it to Sicily he would have to stop being a rat bag and getting suspended.


I’m hoping for Sicily …because it would be a joke.
But I reckon Smith will get it, and he has a good head on his shoulders.


I’m struggling to think of something I care. less about.