Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Agreed. I’d rather go back to the Bunnings thread then talk about who will captain Hawthorn


Screw Hawthorn and anyone who jumps to conclusions and/or prefers their sausage on stale white bread over a freshly baked bun.


Van Turd Burglar, again. Worst captain of all time.



Here is the list of 29: The list management people will have a massive task to deal with all of this during this 12 months. They will have to drip feed re-signings, and watching that list will indicate the clubs thinking on the aging core of their defence and forward line.

Grant Birchall, Shaun Burgoyne, Jon Ceglar, James Cousins, James Frawley, Conor Glass, Will Golds, Damon Greaves, Blake Hardwick, Ricky Henderson, Changkuoth Jiath, Harrison Jones, Will Langford *, Ben McEvoy, Teia Miles, Darren Minchington, David Mirra, Tim Mohr, Dylan Moore, Tim OBrien, Jaeger OMeara, Marc Pittonet, Paul Puopolo, Jackson Ross, Jarryd Roughead , Ryan Schoenmakers, Liam Shiels, Ben Stratton, James Worpel.


It’s Dad’s army


They would be working beaverishly on O’Meara, Stratton, McEvoy, Hardwick, Shiels, Ceglar and Worpel.

Think they would be happy for the following to retire
Roughead, Langford, Birchall,
And Burgoyne surely calls it quits at the end of the season after his decorated career.

Would wait and see how these guys go before offering new contract, probably late in the year

  • Puopolo, Frawley, I can imagine them getting another 1 year deal, unless Koschitske forces frawley out or he is injured.

Not sure if the rest are worth rushing out to sign. It will just be how many picks they want to take to the draft, Henderson and O’Brien are probably the regulars that will most likely get another contract.


How the hell do you have 29 players out of contract in the same year? That’s terrible list management


I agree, but it is pretty normal to have about 20 out of contract at this time of year i’m pretty sure


In 2018 Roughead kicked more goals (34) than Stringer, ( 30) . At 32 he is almost done. But for Hawthorn, sitocks of decent KPFs are very thin.


Considering they cut Langford this year and had to pay him out, they probably don’t give a stuff one way or the other.


No they don’tcare and are happy to cut him but looks better if he “Retires” as he is a premiership player.

Same as it would have looked better for Goddard to retire in September, rather than hold out hopes he might get a game for fark carlton or another basket case. And then retire in December.


I’ll be shocked if Puopolo gets another year. Baguley is a batter small forward then him now and I’ll be equally shocked if Baguley gets a contract for 2020. Puopolo was finished 18 months ago.


If they had of picked up mosquito then yes poo would have been gone at end of the year IMO.
they will wait and see if he finds form would be on a low contract like baguley next year if he stays, and they are probably culling lots already, they will have Breust & Wingard taking best defenders so may wish to develop a kid in the other spot. Really depends on depth of their list.


Wingard will end up playing more midfield time at Hawks

Impey they also have in small fwds


It is a bit extreme but I don’t think it’s that big a deal. It means they can target a few big name free agents and probably fill the rest of the list with rookies, mature age cheapies and Cat B rookies.
They’ll probably get some form of trade value from some of the guys that leave as free agents.



Wingard (I’m not a whinger) to take his place.

Can both get fkd.


Did you miss it. He just started on Testosterone Replacement Therapy and its not angry roid rage at all…

I saw this thread had 200 unread posts. What are they talking about, oooo it’s diggers.


I think it’s by design.

Clarko would know that if he doesn’t have a crack this year with Roughy, Smith, Burgoyne close to out the door he is going to have to chase talent again.

What better way to do it than with a bunch of role players.

He has burnt the picks this is all the currency he has left.


They’re in for a long painful rebuild once he realises this current approach isn’t going to work.

Edit: although, there will probably be clubs falling over themselves to give them first round picks and they’ll have about half a dozen in one year and snag a few stars