Season 2018 - Hawthorn


That’s what I’m worried about.

Saints or another crap club will over pay for duds giving them a leg up again.


“St Kilda have picked up Paul Puopolo for pick 23 and a swap of 2020 3rd rounders”


Hawks are not immune from bringing in duds and even having to pay them to be retired.
Clarko is a genius, so he could not have had anything to do with recruiting Vickery. Right?


The Dawks process will collapse at some point. Clarko came to the club when they had a lot of first round high quality picks and they built a good core. They then wisely picked up players from other clubs who fit what they needed. This built them a very good side.

The problem now is they do not have a core group of young players they drafted together and could build a side around. In fact their better draft pick they traded this year, much to his disappointment. They continue to go after recycled players (top quality ones that is) but this group is becoming the core group and the young players they do draft are late picks and lower quality.

This is going to hurt them soon.

We may criticise Sydney at times however they at least still draft good young players while still picking up recycled players.


To be fair, it’s much easier to draft good youngsters when they have their academy.


Like the Hawks did with Mosquito, oh wait …


Under today’s rules, Heeney would be at Melbourne.
And probably one of Langford or Laverde would be at Sydney.


Who gives a ■■■■ about Hawthorn?

They are going nowhere for the next decade.


How do you figure that?


Melbourne bid for Heeney with pick #2.
Under the rules at the time, Sydney only had to offer their next pick to match which was #18.
If Sydney picked him up under today’s rules they’d have had no other picks in that draft (they had another couple in the mid-thirties) and gone into debt for the next season.
They may have been prepared to pay that price, but I very much doubt it.

I reckon they’d have kept #18 and their two mid thirties picks.
Melbourne taking Heeney at #2 would have pushed Petracca back a place, making both Langford (who went at #17) available to them.
I assume Carlton had their hearts set on Boekhurst.

That’s how I figure that.


Who out of that list is leaving as a FA?
They’re mostly 30+, too young to qualify, or ■■■■.

Guys like Hardwick would get some interest, but the Hawks need them more than anyone else would.


That is not what people around here were saying. Caaarlton were reportedly keen on Langford, but we had the pick before them, and they expected us to take him. Jackets confused them by drafting Laverde first, throwing the Blooos into disarray. The football world was completely surprised by them selecting Boekhurst whom no one rated that highly, he was a complete surprise. Jackets ten swooped down on Langford as well. I may have some details wrong but that is the gist of it, as l recall.


That may well be true, but it doesn’t change that with Heeney gone at #2 and Petracca pushed back a place (and there’s no way he was slipping to the second round), then Sydney would have had their choice of Langford and Laverde.
And Boekhurst, if you like.

Edit: Lol, actually it does.
But they could still have taken one of those three.


The gist of the story was that Carlton rated Langford, and Boekhorst, but not Lav.

And Disco et al were able to work this out.


You’ve got that story mixed up a bit. Langford was drafted first


l stand corrected.


The point really was supposed to be that under today’s rules Sydney could have either drafted Heeney, or kept #18 and a couple of #30s picks.
It’s incidental that Laverde and Langford went around pick #18.


Fair enough


Sydney would have coughed up for Heeney under current points system. He is a gun, and has been from day one. Dreaming to think otherwise.

Bottom line though is Fark Sydney and their bs academy.


Swans would have matched it.
Heeney is potentially the best player from the draft. And teams that play finals don’t get access to top ten picks would have been worth it.

May have cost them Callum mills the following year though if they were already in points deficit. Although AFL would probably have let them go into deficit again.