Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Sportsbet have already dropped them from 5th to 10th.


That’s interesting.
TAB already had them around tenth or worse.


So I guess what he meant by he could play for 14 other teams was 14 other teams, and us.


Coach killers these pre-season injuries. No one wants to see champions go down. This is the kind of stuff that makes me nervous about these next 2 months…


This is why i don’t take pleasure in the suffering of Hawthorn supporters. I’d be shattered if it was one of our best players. No matter how badly other supporters act i’d rather take the high road.


broken legs can be horrible but there has been times when they have barely set a player back. (I remember Pendlebury playing a final with a broken leg). The fact that training staff were immobilizing the leg and an ambulance was called makes me think this will be a bad injury (6-12 months out) we just have to wait until more news comes to hand.


bookmarking this for future reference.


If this happens one would think the AFL would have to look at the salary cap dump the Hawks made when they punted him to West Coast on a ‘playing/coaching’ deal (an opportunity not avaliable at the Hawks) that was broken due to ‘home sickness’ only to see him back at the club he left.



I agree that this is something that should be looked into, but there’s no way the AFL would investigate Hawthorn


I’m going to blame Sam Mitchell for Tom Mitchell’s injury. He’s obviously a crap midfield coach. I don’t care whether it’s true but it makes me feel good.


Hawthorn saying he is gone for the year.


Goodbye Hawthorn/Mount Waverley/Lauceston!


End of an era injury.


All suspected broken legs would likely be treated the same on field.
If as just reported they’re saying he’s done for the year it means the break was probably at the ankle ala Scully and Dixon.


The silver lining for the Hawks is that it has happened so early in the year.

If everything goes ok he should be back at the start of next season.


Is this how you spell schadenfreude?


Lucky for the Hawks they have heaps of good young kids from their early draft picks coming through. Right…


Terrible for Mitchell but EAD Hawks


Luckily Hawks have Russell the wonder doctor…oh wait.


Well they may as well tank this year then