Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Not sure why people are surprised

They still have half their side full of premiership players so structurally all still a lot of experience on every line who know the game plan inside out.

They’ve turned over heaps of kids / recruits to find those capable of playing a role, certain players been there 4-5yrs playing VFL. Some completely botched recruits though like Vickery and O’Rourke.

And also brought in some stars who’ve immediately refreshed their midfield. One AA already from Mitchell, JOM is on fire also now.

I really hope Tom Lynch does not go there but you just know he will.


Harvey said something similar about Hurley the other day
His ability to read the ball off the boot in play is as good as some of the best players I have seen in terms of aerial ability in the last 10 to 15 years.”


Rioli and puopolo out doesnt help us that much, just means McGrath could play midfield rather than small defender.

hawks still have advantage given our short break


You serious? The guy has a habit of destroying us when in.

I agree with this though. They will kill us.


Rioli out Helps us a little, but I would have us as Underdogs…But our guys prefer that so maybe its a good thing :slight_smile:


The Hawks list management team bucks the AFL trend.

They identify elite talent at other clubs and trade their first rounders to bring them in.

They then use their late picks to fill out their list needs with role players.

I reckon they are consistently in the ‘oldest’ playing lists, despite being ruthless with moving on players who are past it.

Pretty similar philosophy to the Swans really


me too. I was hoping they’d bottom out for the next 20 years


I reckon focus on collingwood and hawks. Rest 10 players against Melbourne and keep the side fresh. This ■■■■■■ us up last year against Melbourne then freo


Lynch will be the highest paid footballer ever, and for a long time. He will have the biggest clubs in a bidding war.


So if we’re underdogs, we’re not?


Not sure about Lynch but they are hot into Sloane


Read today Hawks currently lead the comp for clearances.

McEvoy / Mitchell / JOM trio getting it done.

Adding Sloane to that mix would just be unfair

Hoping we trump them there


I’m hoping a guy like Clarke or someone else jumps up before the year is out so we don’t have to chase anyone from outside. Then we can spend more to make sure guys like Fanta stay long term


The club is trying to push in the short term. But we aren’t going to do it to detriment of retaining our quality young players.

Much like Port wouldn’t have done what they did without leaving room for Wines etc

Def wishful thinking to hope someone who has never played an AFL game and has huge question marks on kicking still is going to push up and be better options than one of the best inside mids in the league and proven gun.


I’m not expecting him to be a better option. I’m just hoping good enough to improve us in that contested area.

I’m not particularly excited about bringing in a 29 year old on big coin and I just have doubts about how much quality footy Sloane has left in him


I am also interested to hear why Sloane, at the end of his career would come to a club that is still inconsistent and hopefully on the way up verses a club that is a proven finals contender still up there and looking good?

If i was Sloane I would be going to Hawthorn before going to Essendon because at this stage it is more likely for them to be winning a GF than for us. I know that in footy there are no guarantees but if you are getting basically the same money wherever you pick then the pick seems fairly obvious.


We had a couple of poor games in a row but I wouldn’t put it past us to finish higher than the Hawks this year still.

The early part of season is always an unknown, need only look at how badly Hawks were travelling start of 2017 with a heap of new players versus the end and that’s carried over to this year.

When we actually were switched on we easily took care of the top of the table side.


I actually think we’ll beat them quite comfortably.

Hooker on Roughy
Ambrose on Gunston
Saad on Breust

We match up quite well now that we won’t have to worry about Rioli and Puopolo.
They’ll be 5-1 going into our game and the majority of you guys will panic like little b*tches.

We’ve passed them now, and you’ll see it Rd.7 !


Two words for you IT. Spongey. Floors.



Wave Pool