Season 2018 - Hawthorn


And I want to be there singing “na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye”.


Would rather this caught on


They’ve gone full sheedy with Scully. Absolutely stitched up the rest of the Comp. Don’t believe the prognosis was ever as bad as the reports suggested.


GWS medical team must have had NFI


If that’s the case then F#ck him - I hope he does an ACL as nasty as that sounds. The guy screwed Melbourne and the rules to get him and his dad to GWS on massive $$$$ and now they’ve screwed the system along with Hawthorn - a 3rd round pick wasn’t it. Hope the karma bus is heading down Glenferrie Rd because I want the Hawks to FOAD.


Yep, I reckon it was completely overstated so they could justify the dump. They could probably have got more for Scully and Shiel playing it straight up rather than being hell-bent on “winning” the trade with us.


Now I wonder how much they would have asked for Scully if he’d have come to us.