Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Great piece this

With that said, the Hawthorn list is old. Injuries to Poppy/Rioli will test depth. They’ve jumped out of the gates by being better organised than their opposition in a very even year, it will be interesting to see how they run out the full 22 rounds.


Wrong. They are two best 22 players. With them out, they will be replaced by 2 others who are not as proven, and hopefully not as good.



In Clarko press conference after the game he said what should have been said for years ago. AFL is causing all the congestion and game problems by allowing players to not dispose of the ball correctly.

He’s spot on, pay the free for incorrect disposal and the game would flow way more.


It would be an interesting pre-season trial.
I think you’d have to give ball carriers a lot more leeway with holding on to the ball in a tackle, if you’re going to be red hot on incorrect disposal, though.
You’re basically saying we want you to kick it, handball it, or hold onto it.
I’m not sure if that would make it a better game, but it’s worth a look.


Would like to see “came out in the tackle” done away with.


Agree, but if you do that then I don’t think you can also penalise a player for holding onto it.
Which is where it gets a bit tricky.

The thing I want to get rid of straight away is contact below the knees paid against a player who has the ball.
That’s completely against the spirit of the game.


You can’t hand over the game to guys who won’t go get the ball but rather tackle the guy who does, a la Libba Snr


It’s a simple rule. Play on if no prior opportunity, but they really need to be on top of the prior opportunity aspect of it. Came out in the tackle is fine if there was no prior opportunity


New tribunal, Hawthorn still kissed on the ■■■■.

5’0” Titch manages to somehow elbow 6’8” Goldstein in the face with both players upright.

Fine, no suspension.


Yeah well. What will be interesting is to see what happens with Sicily.


Stevens was talking 2 weeks plus, last night.


Really wasn’t much in it…plus he is a favourite for the Brownlow.


How is it less then what Graham got?

If all you get is a fine I’d be sending out 15 blokes to give treatment like that to the oppositions best player.

It sends the wrong message especially to lower levels that it’s a slap on the wrist to elbow someone in the head off the ball.


So was Zach when he got suspended for whacking some soft prick in the guts


One plays for Essendon, the other…well you should know the drill by now.


“Hawks in no rush to extend Clarkson’s contract: Kennett” - article in the media today.

Must be how a successful Club is managed.


Cyril back to Darwin for personal reasons.
No ETA for return.


Wasn’t his dad sick in the off season? Or had a heart attack?


Clarko may be a very good coachbased on the list he was given , or a great coach, based on his results.
He should never never be allowed to pick up a guitar, and most of all never ever be allowed to try to “SING”