Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Hmm, GC?


There are quite a few players at Hawthorn with similar credentials.

A loss to Hawthorn no doubt. Should have had a couple more years, but its best to retire at your peak from a reputational point of view if not from a $$$$$$ point of view, which is what keeps many going, and causes many “fringe” players to fall by the wayside


The media love is definitely over the top

That doesn’t mean he wasn’t an absolute gun. Did it over and over again in big games and big moments.


If Cyril had played for us we would be kissing his ■■■■. Don’t let the Hawthorn hate cloud your judgement of him. He was a legitimate gun


As long as they’re not calling him the best full back of all time, I’m not too worried.


Good. Fark Hawkes.


And just a word of advice, … if you don’t like the Media Fap, … don’t watch/read/listen to it.


yep. Worsfold just did a presser. Check that and ignore the Hawthorn hysteria.


I thought the Hawks would stiff someone with a trade before he did the same thing in 2019…

As an interisting aside, they now have more cap space for Lynch.


I reckon they thought they were going to be able to trade him to a WA club if he left at all.

Huge impact really as he’d still have had significant value trade wise.

They always were going to have cap space, Roughy next one who’d prob be shifted and perhaps even to GC.

If you were Lynch though I wouldn’t go to Hawks, it’d be Tigers who are still in the flag zone right now or Pies who are rising towards.


There seem to be 3 teams in the running, all would want to show Lynch and his Manager they can afford him and can get him there if GC match the contract (which they will they are cashed up) the AFL will also be in the background demanding at least fair value if not more.


Wasn’t a huge ball getter and body wouldn’t let him play mid, but undoubtedly one of the best players of all time when he didn’t have the ball in hand. Fark Hawthorn and Bruce, but it’s a loss to footy that he’s retired


Nothing to do with my hawthorn hate. I consider guys like hird , Buckley, Voss, Ablett, Judd champions. Not Cyril


I reckon there are plenty of Champions outside the Midfield.


Yeah, like Lloyd, Scarlett, fletcher, Lockett

Cyril was absolutely nowhere near any of the above players. I don’t think it’s a huge call to say he’s not a champion of the game. He was pretty good though, for a while


Myers still playing. Nar nar na nar nar.

Seriously though great player to watch, and cringe slightly given he was mad Essendon as a kid.


He was a terrific small forward and has a CV that 99% of AFL/VFL footballers would envy. I don’t think calling him a champion is hyperbole.


I’m with Wob on this. I think he is a hawthorn champion no doubt. AFL champion I think he falls short.

I would have him as a great player, but champion should only be reserved for the tippy top players which I don’t think he is.


Spot on, this is how I’ve always felt about him. Could get seven weeks of media hype after one good game and doing stuff all for the other six.

Dangerous small forward, skillful as all hell, but still reckon he’s over rated.


according to the age, cyril retiring is like 'picasso putting down his brush"

i want to vomit