Season 2018 - Hawthorn


No one to blame but yourself, if you get sick after imbibing garbage.


i went there to read heart warming stories about jobe watsons new life


Hard when the commentators are tapping over and over.

Darcy: “great kick off the ground, hes a genius Cyril”

kick went out on the full


They’re going to ramp up the Rance love.

“He’s just so influential, isn’t he?”

Handballed straight to opposition


With Rioli done and Betts as good as

Looks like it’s the Raz & TIPPA show!


There’s an odd man out here.


That’s racist

I’m just talking the leagues exciting small fwds however!

Apologies Josh ‘double cobra’ Green


I just assumed TIPPA was the odd man out because his name was all in CAPS


The Rioli retirement, ( Its been well known at Hawthorn for about 12 months) has caused the Earth to shift off its axis , the direction of the earths magnetic field has flipped, while the Gulf Stream has stopped, plunging Europe into an Ice Age.

Fair enough that sort of effect should cause the club to delay the publication of the Worsfold press conference on the EFC site.


Luckily it’s there now


Did Cyril retire, or die? Fkg hell, it’s 10000% over the top the “tributes” for him


Even Jeff Kennet was at pains to point out that Cyril was still alive and getting on with his life, simply that he was another player in the ranks of the great players who have played for Hawthorn.

Perhaps a more balanced view than some of the unctuous media types out there.


Is it Rioli because he’s won a flag?


If Russia invaded USA right now, it wouldn’t get a mention in Victoria over the Cyril vomit inducement.

Freaks sake, HE. WASNT. THAT. GOOD.


That’s why I don’t listen to TV commentators.

They’re a blight on the game.


Haven’t heard one on 774. Just a news report.


The fk are you listening too?


Not sure there’s too many radio commentators these days worth a cracker either…


There was one posted on Blitz, … how many does a person really need?


ABC is pretty good, … even Underwood when she’s actually just calling.

Just need to hit mute after any goal is kicked, when she raves and or overfaps a bit.