Season 2018 - Hawthorn


See, that’s the problem with so many of them! Folks like Anthony Hudson and Gerard Whateley are more than capable commentators, but let themsleves down by indulging in a) flagrant overfappery, and b) the SEN boys’ club culture.


Yeah, I’m sure you’re right.

I don’t listen to Commercial radio ever.


Most of the female presenters on Fox are really good…in all the big sports. They know their stuff. They interact well with the guys. They seem to have dumped Tegan Higginbottom
which is a good thing in my book.

Probably wasn’t the same when Cameron Williams was there. Had Roman hands from all accounts.

Neroli Meadows is really good value.


In the 2012 GF when L Jetta and C Rioli went head to head in a foot race from Sydney’s half back line, I was going for L Jetta.


Is Tegan the one with the unusually small bonce?


Yeah…apparently she was granted one wish by a genie. And the wish was “how about a little head?”

Typical of fark Carlton-supporting so-called comedians…as funny as a fart in a lift


Must have got the ■■■■ from SEN as well as I haven’t had the misfortune of hearing her on A Maher’s afternoon show for a while.


Yes you do. You just never admit to it.


This day is all about David Myers.




You love listening to Whately


I really hope your not serious.


And he won that comfortably. Wasn’t even close.


You are kidding ?

Cyril is a deadset champion of the game, and in spite of having to watch Hawthorn games to see him play, it was a priviledge to watch his skill.


Sick of all the tv networks showing that clip of him dancing around Slattery


Imagine what they’re going to show when Buddy retires.


no thanks!


Him kicking 8 goals against us or destroying hookers hamstrings forever?


Third best Rioli.
Played in the best team, though.