Season 2018 - Hawthorn


Sheeds would bring Rioli out of retirement next year




Mark Robinson saying that Cyril’s retirement is almost like a footy death…


So some of what I have heard is that Kennett is part of the reason and his wife had issues with him. Anyone heard more about that?


Mark Robinson is a farkwit


Yesterday they called Bruce and asked him how it has affected him, so I assume Rioli did in fact die.


Didn’t think the guy could get much more stupid, but there ya go.


I’ve seen better Rioli’s.


There it is. That’s it.

The dumbest most moronic thing I’ve ever read.

I always knew it would come from this site.


Maurice was just a spectacular player, who I reckon played his best footy when he played against the Bombers.

Dean was such a great talent though we never saw the best of him with all his injuries.

Cyril Junior has a fine record at the Hawks and is a champion.

Daniel and Willie have all the skills to also be great players.

But the best Rioli for me was Willie Senior who played in WA and never made it to AFL. I saw him a few games at South Freeo in 1990 and he just did as he liked with the ball. Never saw the others who played in WAFL but they seemed to also had great ability.

And then you throw in the Long side of the family !

Family footy games must have been something to behold.


Are you including Dean in that top two? More talented than Cyril maybe, but barely limped to 100 games and spent most of his later career a shadow of his younger self.




Maurice, daylight.

Many S Freo supporters rate Maurice as better than S Michael who the rest of us rate as the best Western Australian footballer we have seen play with our own eyes.


I want the next freak show Rioli to be in the red and black!


Didn’t everyone have issues with Kennet? Not just Felicity.


Polly Farmer and Barry Cable are the two best WA footballers ever.


…commonly said by those who didn’t see S Michael.


I did have the pleasure of watching him play for Sth Freo and for WA, and he was a champ in the WAFL

Polly Farmer and Barry Cable showed their talents in the best competition against the best opponents Michael didn’t.


I never saw the old Willie either, tell us what it was like?


Not really all that old, probably is about 50 now. He was about the same size as Walla, not as muscular though, and maybe a little slower. Elusive with great ball skills, and liked to leap over opponents for marks. Think he was on Hawthorns list in 1992 or 1993 but could not crack a game.

Like Mauricea ne Cyril was just great to watch show off his skills. Did go missing at times.