Season 2018 - North Melbourne


North Surely finish close to last. Prediction 16-18th

Best 22

B: Williams Thompson Durdin
HB: Atley tarrant McDonald
C: Hrovat Ziebell © Hartung
HF: Garner Wood Simpkin
F: Waite Brown Anderson
R: Goldstein Cunnington Higgins
Int: Dumont Clarke Davies-Uniacke Turner
Emg: Preuss Vickers-Willis Ahern

Depth Mounford, Hibberd, Macmillan, Daw, Hayden, Larkey, McKay, Morgan, Nielson, Walker, Watson, Williams, Wright, Xerri

Not much there in depth Department.
Hartung Walks Straight into the Midfield IMO on the wing. They need speed. Agree with Wimmerra
Anderson in as a small forward due to his ‘heritage’ and speed and there lack of small forwards with the retirements/Delistings of Lindsay Thomas and Harvey over last couple of years.
Morgan will get a crack with injuries if his form warrants it. WOuld be a lot easier getting a game for this mob than ours, as we will likely have good players missing out of senior selections.

They Need Dvies Uniake to be a gun from get go like McGrath/Heppell fill a role for the side.
Durdin prolly doesnt deserve to get a gig but high draft pick and they need to give him games.

If Gibson was still on the list, he would surely be getting a game.

North will finish lower than last year. Wont be surprised to see them win a few upsets. But end of the year they will be getting flogged once the depth gets tested.


I used to hate it from 2014-2016 when North got ahead by 1-2 goals, then they would always send Drew Petrie down back and he would intercept almost every ball we kicked forward, so we would end up losing by 1-2 goals.

Sideshow Bob has an excellent pair of hands. Now he will need to learn to go down back, if they ever get 2 goals ahead of us again in the next 5 years…


The amount of youth in their line up reminds me of the 2016 Bombers minus the top up players. Sorry, newly listed additions.


Scott has been pretty aggressive in the rebuild since he gutted the club sacking Boomer. He has brought in plenty of middle road player that can play a role till the higher draft picks can show something. Whilst it’s not going to drive you up the ladder it does creat pressure for spots that the youth can win out in.

There two inside mids are good, Goldstein having a good season means they will win allot of clearances and give their forward line some good service. The addition of Hartung and Morgan (if he can get on the park and show something) will add some run.

Not sure if they will hit the spoon, Scott typically has competitive sides which will catch a few middle tier teams of guard. I have them 15-17 range.


Regardless of where they finish on the ladder it will still be last.


Let me translate that for everyone else: they’re REALLY good at choking at the last moment and losing by agonisingly small margins.


I reckon they’ll fight with GC for the wooden spoon. It’s anyone’s game.


While I was posting on Essendon haircuts came across this.
Sums up Norf - not called the Shinboners for nuffing.

“Got any spare change?”


Wonder what he’s looking at?


What a lucky lady she might be


Have a culture of battling hard and scrapping a few wins. Can see them winning a few. My estimated finish is 16, just above Farkcarlton.


Hartung’s disposal efficiency last year was 76%.
Just saying.


I’m with you wim, I think hartung will be a pretty handy pickup for the roos


My brother in law reckons Preuss will be a player. l saw Norf a few times last year, and gosh they were clueless at times. Cunnington is decent inside mid, with smarts, but the pace of the game is passing him by. Lachie Hanson typified how bad they were, he stunk up games majorly.


76% to the wrong location.


His metres gained is better than average, and his effective disposal is better than average.
He’s not at Lloyd’s level for an outside mid, and he’s not a complete player (like Lloyd, he doesn’t tackle) but he’s better than good for the role he plays.
Certainly a LOT better than the guy we’ve played in his role.


Brad scott says Jarrad Waite’s best footy is ahead of him




If it was not for the fact that I read the article myself I would have thought you were making this up.

He’s 35 years old. It just shows how difficult it is to come up with a NM story even as a fluff piece. They are driving on a long, dark and slow road.


“Don’t call me Shirley.”