Season 2018 - North Melbourne


“JARRAD Waite is 35 years old and preparing for his 16th season of AFL footy. But North Melbourne coach Brad Scott is confident the forward’s best football is ahead of him”

Although they are twins, there are clear credibility differences between Brad and Chris.


There’s steaming piles of ■■■■ then there’s this mob. Will be lucky to win 2 or 3 games


That’s been said about him every year since he was drafted. Maybe at 40 they might realise it’s never going to happen.


It’s got me completely stuffed that the Kangaroos has a clean out of everyone on the list over about 27 years old but for some unknown reason decided to hang on to Waite


Simpkin eh?


I’d right myself off if i had to play for North too.


Apparently North have 2 million to spend on players. Sadly though nobody wants to go there.
In all seriousness though, I think they will land a player just because they will pay so much more than any other team.


Money itself may not be enough. They are a distance from being a challenger. Their best hope is someone like GWS snagging a premiership


Or Adelaide dropping off a cliff.

2 Million for Sloan for a couple of year to lead the rebuild. He couldn’t pass that cash up.


Am sure someone will be tempted but you are essentially signing off on not being a contender for a number of years. Then you have someone who is happy to take money over success which is not the sort of person you want we trying to rebuild a team.


They’d be hoping like hell onfield they have a much better performance to show that tracking back up ladder with the influx of kids they have taken.

That would seem then a more attractive destination.

Not sure they will do much better on field though

Other free agents / targets this year aside I expect Kelly probably still in their sights for end of 2019 also so can hold over a lot of $$$ as don’t have to spend full cap year to year.


Didnt they have the problem where they needed to spend some real soon though


Someone going to norf now will be like when ablett went to the suns, all the dollars and no success


Many people have a price and eventually North will offer a price that will be enough for someone. Keeping in mind that they’ll need a marquee player to keep the turnstiles from rusting over.
I agree that perhaps a premiership player would be likely as they’ve already had some success.


Jed Anderson’s still on a list.

Surely after 5? 6? years of playing VFL you pull the plug.


North gave up a 1st rounder for him IIRC


And Benfti was devastated we didn’t draft him when Hawthorn did


Yeah was that the draft where Elliott Kavanagh was a first rounder? Might be a nil-all draw there.


Nope. Anderson was picked up by Hawthorn in 2012 (Kav! was 2011 draft) under some sort of GWS concession arrangement. Then traded to North at the end of 2015


Anderson has had knee and hamstring problems his whole career. He’s barely had a preseason too. His best run at continual games was last season. If he doesn’t get senior games this year, he should be delisted.

North did us a favour with Anderson.
The first round pick they sent to the Hawks allowed the Hawks to make an offer to us for Carlisle which brought St Kilda back to the trade table.

On second thought…
Maybe they didn’t do us a favour…