Season 2018 - North Melbourne




They fluffed up a golden opportunity against Sydney, which may well cost them Finals.
Still need to find 4 more wins from 6 games.

An already weakened Sydney team with no form to speak of, then lose Grundy before the game, and their best midfielder before half time, and North still can’t get the points even though they lead by more than a goal with minutes left.

North just had to win that !


Holy moly


That bodes well for their future.

Just when you think your day couldn’t start any better.


Illustrates the depth of the North Melbourne list.



Are North too “desperate” and “irresponsible” to quote Kane Cornes?
Trying to sign Gaff for 1.1m and Polec for 700k per season to me is too much to sustain a strong list. Both players would realise that earning that type of money won’t lead to success. Even Kelly, no way he’ll take 1.5m to move to North.
I remember listening to Lewis and Riewoldt on 360 and Riewoldt couldn’t believe how little the Hawthorn players were making throughout their successful period. Now we’ve seen Riewoldt, Rance and Cotchin restructure their contracts to maintain success.
I can’t see Gaff purely leaving for money however I can see an average player like Polec taking the cash. Good driven players want success and will take a fair salary to achieve that success.


kane cornes should ■■■■ back off to being a fireman. oh wait…


I don’t think North would be beneath ignoring Kane Cornes, but I don’t see how there’s a buck in it for them.


Waite is retiring.




Now they can offer Goddard a 5 year deal


2018 Bizarre and Absurd Comments Award.

and the Winner is: Brad Scott.

Waite’s best football in front of him: Scott

February 14, 2018 - 4:26 pm

HOBART, AUSTRALIA - MAY 06: Jarrad Waite of the Kangaroos celebrates kicking a goal during the round seven AFL match between the North Melbourne Kangaroos and the Adelaide Crows at Blundstone Arena on May 6, 2017 in Hobart, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

North Melbourne coach Brad Scott has boldly stated that 35-year old Jarrad Waite’s best football is in front of him.

The former Blue, who is the AFL’s fourth-oldest player, was named to the Kangaroos’ squad for Friday night’s inaugural AFLX competition… "

The reality is, Waites best football is now well and truly behind him.


probably wasnt wrong. played some of his best footy this season.


Apart from having the old-man’s common calf injury, Waite is still a very good player. Problem is he’s probably down to 12 games a season.


Has he ever been above 12?

pre-post amendment
Apparently averages 15.19 games a season over his career.
Actually surprised it’s that high.


Tin rattlers.


How appropriate - upping the anti (with) EFC.

Look up ante, pls. Tom Browne.




“Upping the crowd numbers” more like it


Was probably always going to happen this way, tried with two lower drawing teams in first two years, in reality probably always needed us or Pies who actually attend away matches to make Good Friday profitable for NM. This move (if it happens) Should ensure at crowd reaches 48k plus.