Season 2018 - North Melbourne


You’d LOL if North Melbourne wrote to the AFL saying it would be much better if they had Essendon playing on Good Friday, and the AFL wrote back thanking North Melbourne for the suggestion and scheduled Essendon vs Melbourne as the Good Friday game.


irrelevant pissant club







crap club


Fold then die


I just noticed this…

Draft picks (at start of trade period): 10, 28, 39, 54, 64, 82

Who has left: Jarrad Waite (retired), Billy Hartung (delisted), Tom Jeffries (delisted), Oscar Junker (delisted), Gordon Narrier (delisted), Daniel Nielson (delisted), Josh Williams (delisted), Mitchell Hibberd (delisted), Declan Mountford (delisted)

Bloomin’ ‘eck!
Nine players delisted.
And their sixth draft pick is number eighty-friggin’-two!
And they’ll be using some of those picks to work a trade, surely?

No wonder Gaff did a runner!


They’re just sitting back waiting to pounce on the next alex Morgan


Hall and Polec would take 2 of those list spots.

Hall they’ll get for 54ish

Polec they might get for 28 and some change but they’d still be taking late picks to fill their list.

They may have some rookies that need upgrading too.


The change can’t be players, because they’ve cut a quarter of their list.


Thinking along the lines of pick swaps


We should get someone like Zerrett request to leave next season. North offers 10ill over 5. Zerrett goes into sign then backs out last second - signs new bombers contract.


Did they do another fundraiser to pay for the temp fencing too?


Looks unsurprisingly like the remand centre in the city


So they’ve added Pittard hey…

They could have Pittard and Morgan on half back :smile:.

I was listening to trade radio just before on the way home and whoever was on there was saying North don’t have great foot skills in their back half. Mentioned Daw, Tarrant and Thompson. Then I’m pretty sure they said Pittard helps rectify this. I reckon they’re in big trouble if he’s one of their better kicks in the back half.


Legit forgot Alex Morgan existed


I forgot norf existed


I’m pretty sure the development IS the fence

Players don’t wanna play there. They have to do something to keep the players they do have. You know. They players they have


Such peasants even their trading is blue collar.

They certainly are trying to prove the statisticians correct that you only need a team of average players to be competitive and win finals. Unfortunately the dynasty build clubs will always smash them.


As much as I hate North (A LOT) I think theyve added some good talent (Polec, Hall) in a need area for them (outside run) cant wait til we smash them anyway