Season 2018 - St Kilda

St Kilda

Coach – Alan Richardson

2017 –
Points For – 12h
Points Against –11th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Seb Ross
  2. Dylan Roberton
  3. Jarryn Geary
  4. Jake Carlisle
  5. Jack Billings

2017 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Logan Austin, Hunter Clark, Nick Coffield, Oscar Clavarino, Ben Paton, Doulton Langlands, Lewis Pierce

Outs – Nick Reiwoldt, Sean Dempster, Leigh Montagna, Nick Coughlan, Joe Baker-Thomas, Jason Holmes, Nick O’Kearney

My Prediction

Predicted by many to make finals last year, St Kilda struggled to get traction for long periods of the season and in the end just werent good enough.

The backline looked better than it has in recent years. Carlisle finally got to make an impact on the field and for the most part was as good as we know he can be. Brown gets the job done but I think they will be hoping Hugh Goddard steps up this year. Gilbert is counting the days and they need tall support. The running half backs will change this year as well with Montagna making way. Webster is an excellent kick and Roberton is coming off a career best season.

The midfield is an issue. It looks one paced and struggles against pacier midfields when they are a run on. They have grunt but not enough class on the outside. Billings looks like the player who could change that but struggles with consistency. Ross was another player who had his best season last year and I think still has scope for growth. Stevens, Steele and Newnes do their it but there is a sameness about the midfield and I am not sure they have an answer on their list for it.

The forward line will miss Reiwoldt. They have capable KP players in Membrey and Bruce but they really do need McCartin to step up and hold down a spot. I am not sure he can despite the positive fluff coming out of Moorabbin/Seaford. Gresham is a very talent kid who may start to drift into the midfield more but they need him up forward more right now.

The rucks are thin. Longer seems a talented kid but last year Hickey looked so far out of his depth against us that I actually almost felt sorry for him. I am sure he has upside but they would not want an injury to Longer.

Of all the contract extensions, Richardson’s last year was odd. Far from proven and I am sure not in demand, The Saints gave him a two year extension. This is the year he needs to repay that faith. It would need to be one out of the box as their list doesnt look good enough for a meteoric rise from what I can see. I dont see them making the eight. I think they will look like they can for a large part of the season and finally finish up 10-12.

most vanilla list of the afl

Saints Best 22

B: Geary© Brown Gilbert
HB: Webster Carlisle Roberton
C: Sinclair Steele Newnes
HF: Acres, Bruce Billings
F: Gresham McCartin Membrey
Foll: Longer Ross Steven
I/C: Armitage Stevens Weller Savage
Emg: Long, Goddard, Dunstan

Freeman, Rice, Lonie, Minchington, Battle, Hickey

Ben Long is probably a guy they will hope “Breaks into” the team this year, they need more pace and dare in the side. Billings or Gresham into the midfield may also help this.

They look very Vanilla

Prediction: 9-12



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Forgot St Kilda were playing in 2018.


Carlisle to play forward in the absence of St Nick?


I’m assuming the AFL will return to normal with Richmond returning to 9th, so 10th.

If Hugh Goddard is any good can we uphold history and steal him as a free agent?

Perpetual also rans. Nothing will change quickly where they are concerned. Straight out of Seaford and back to Linton St. Has there ever been a more nomadic club? No wonder they lack stability.

Those names are all procedurally generated names out of an AFL video game aren’t they? You’re playing. I’ve never heard of any of them.


Doulton Langlands, purveyors of fine English ceramics.




At least this news has brightened the week for some Pies’ fans. Very unfortunate for Freeman. Shows how lucky we were to actually get some games out of Gumby.

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Yes it was harsh but it seemed more appropriate than ‘bump’.


Seriously, what a horrible recruiting move to draft Freeman. They gave up a 2nd round pick to take on a problem Collingwood had. Now he’s their problem. I’d much rather clubs focus on doing nothing to help Collingwood.

I know you’re being a bit facetious @werewolf but I was interested earlier today when news of this broke so I did my own research into what happened to that second round pick. Here’s a summary of my findings.

The pick Saints traded for Freeman (ended up pick 33 in 2016 draft) eventually found it’s way to Port (via Pies, Brisbane, GWS & Swans). Port used it on Willem Drew. Some of the notable picks taken after Drew and before the Saints took Josh Battle at pick 39 were Declan Watson, Josh Williams and Josh Rotham. Of the four (Drew, Watson, Williams, Rotham) three of them don’t have a wikipedia page which is the ultimate sign of whether you have made it or not. I don’t know who any of them are.

Even if Freeman never plays a single game, I’m not sure the Saints lost a whole lot.


You are correct, I was.

However, I do tend to think he’s only going to be a drain on the medical team and occupy a spot that someone else may be able to legitimately push for.

What did the pies get for on-trading the pick?

James Aish. They also gave up their second rounder.

Fair to say no one won that trade.

Going even further the Lions would have used the points to get Hipwood, Keays and Mathieson with Picks 14, 24 and 39.