Season 2018 - St Kilda


I reckon aish is ok. Better and braver in the air than he had any right to be. Think he’ll develop into a solid contributor.


Aish is marked had becauase

  • he was drafted ahead of Fantasia from the same club.
  • He is a midfielder playing at a club with a fairly strong midfield group.
  • He lacks any stand out weapons

  • and is very soft


Fantastia was considered a reach at the time though wasn’t he?


Fantasia wasnt rated and Aish was top10.
We were lucky we had bassett at the time as he was our hot tip for fantasia.

Pre draft hype: Fantasia 13th best out of SA, Aish 2nd HUN


Would surely top that list now


lol pissant club

Declaring they will be chasing a big name fish in the free agency period.

Season hasn’t even started yet.


How skinny was Fanta?!


It’s likely just because article came out with North saying they have $2M to spend yesterday

Both missed out on anyone of note last F/A or trade period and probably both will again


“This club’s ■■■■■■ too !!”


St Kilda saying that Seaford was a symbol of losing…

You know what else is a symbol of losing?

The 27 Wooden Spoons your sh!tstain club has!


Not going to throw shade on anyone until we at least win one final


Basically only form part of the AFL to make the foundation clubs look good.


Where are they getting all this money to relocate and upgrade from?


AFL I’m guessing


And the State Government and Kingston City Council.


They had Armitage on Triple M this morning. Talking about the baby boom over in St Kilda, with so many players with babies on the way. Mentioned Jake Carlisle as one of them. Imagine how cranky he’ll be on the field after sleepless nights!


“this baby’s farkkked”


Only one thing to say about Saint Kilda, please draft Seb Ross.


LOL. Its being said that Carlisle will be sent forward to correct the StKilda forward woes. He is already showing frustration and spitting the dummy in that position on the weekend.

What has he learned about himself? Has he changed?

Yeh. Nah.