Season 2018 - St Kilda


Carlisle will probably just shove a ciggie directly in the puncture hole. Win-win.


Geez and Bruce was just about to return to seniors with Battle being out with an injury.

Carlisle is a massive out for them.


It doesn’t clearly state that, just that he won’t play this week.


If it’s a pneumothorax from an injection or from any sort of needle it’d be 7-10 days




St Kilda cleaning out its assistant coaches. Lethlean doing all the talking, it’s the players fault. CEO Finnis becoming invisible.


He was always invisible except for his mouth.


Finnis was always invisible except for his mouth.


This is not at all topical, but how did I never notice this before?

They’re a very un-professional club, aren’t they, @Alan_Noonan_10?


(TISM’s Greg, The Stop Sign, for any philistines out there)


Simple…quite correct.


Billy Slater to the Aints. Someone tell me it ain’t so…




Billy Slater from Storm gone to Aints as a “leadership consultant”.


They’ve been looking for a full-back


would win their b & f next year


“Setting fire to a dwarf? Sexting a teenage girl? Call them controversies huh? WTF do you think this is, amateur football? Let me show you how the pro’s in the NRL do it!”


part time