Season 2018 - West Coast

West Coast

Coach – Adam Simpson

Points For – 9th
Points Against – 6th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Elliot Yeo
  2. Jeremy McGovern
  3. Luke Shuey
  4. Shannon Hurn
  5. Josh Kennedy

2017 Rising Star Noms


Ins – Brendon Ah Chee, Jarrod Brander, Oscar Allen, Liam Ryan, Brayden Ainsworth, Jack Patruccelle, Hamish Brayshaw, Ryan Burrows, Tony Olango, Callan England

Outs – Sam Mitchell, Matthew Priddis, Paddy Brophy, Sam Butler, Drew Petrie, Jonathan Giles, Simon Tunbridge, Sharrod Wellingham, Josh Hill, Tom Lamb, Tom Gortner, Jordan Snadden

My Prediction

West Coast are a real wildcard this year. The only places I don’t see them finishing is the top 4 or the bottom 4. Anything in between is a genuine possibility.

Their backline is fine from a depth and talent perspective. They have good quality talls who are very efficient at shutting down their opponents. Hurn, McKenzie, McGovern and Barrass gives them plenty of tall options. I would question whether they have enough run off half back. They look predictable from the half back line and susceptible to a team who zones off well.

The midfield will be really interesting this year. Losing a Brownlow medalist and a runner up Brownlow medalist surely has to hurt. I think they had to lose one of them but surprised they both left. They are going to need someone outside of Gaff and Shuey to stand up. I think they are going to struggle with clearances this year. Someone like Sheed is going to have to stand up for them. They will be looking for Jetta to finally show his worth and for Yeo to build on an outstanding year last year.

The forward line works if Kennedy is in it. They struggle without him but he is probably the best KP forward in the competition so you would expect any team would be better with him in. Darling looks to have stagnated a little from what I see but still gives a presence. Lecras is capable but looks to have lost a yard which is where young Rioli will come in. Another Rioli who will be this end of this year have lived up to his surname.

The rucks will be much better with NicNat back. They missed him last year. He isn’t a perfect player but he has a big impact on their team. Vardy was good last year and will give great support. The coach must be under some sort of pressure. He has quiet dragged the team nowhere over his tenure. They look to be in the middle of a soft rebuild which isnt going to improve things.

West Coast have a big home ground advantage despite moving stadiums. The travel factor works both ways though. Having to fly interstate every second week is taxing. The list has taken some necessary steps backwards this year so logically I expect the team will as well. I don’t see them as a finals team unless absolutely everything goes right. I think they finish 10-12

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Reckon they will struggle. Nicnat hasn’t played for over a year, midfield looks average. Shutdown Kennedy and they struggle to kick a score.


A middling team as Allblack says. And unpredictable - will have a number of surprise wins/losses. Have added a little pace, lost predictability. My guess is around 11th.

I want to see these pr1cks finish about 15th


West Coast Best 22
B: Sheppard Barrass, McKenzie
HB: Duggan McGovern Hurn
C: Jetta Yeo Gaff
HF: LeCras Darling Rioli
F: Ryan Kennedy Cripps
Foll: Naitanui Shuey Sheed
I/C: Vardy Ah Chee Hutchings Redden
EMG: Brayshaw, Venables, Nelson

Ryan will add spark, Ahchee might help with loss of Mitchell and Pridiss.
With Natanui back they should be able to win more clearances anyway.
Not sure on Vardy/Lycett, Vardy is more versatile so probably gets the spot.
Would like to see Partington, Brayshaw, Rioli, Venables all get a run during the year.
I love any Rioli so have selected him in the side but not sure if he will be in the rd 1 lineup.

Prediction 4th - 9th With Natanui back, they should be better than last year, when they were lucky to fall into the 8.

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Take it easy with the Kennedy is the best key forward business.

And the guy who takes screamers like he’s that bloke from Collingwood will be worth keeping an eye on. He’s been hard to handle in the WAFL.

Could be Daniher come the end of the year.

I think it will be

I reckon they’d be better tactically if Woosh was still coaching them.

Also: 18th


I think it’s fairly obvious they’re in rebuild mode and West’s coast have a habit of going right to the bottom when they rebuild.
Bottom 4 certainties imo

Nicnats surgeon is lowering expectations for his comeback.



I would sacrifice losing to Carlton, Collingwood and Richmond if it meant us beating these chardonnay-sipping ■■■■-jockeys over here in the West this year.

I hope the team and all their supporters kick their picky toe into a hard piece of jarrah furniture every day for the whole of 2018.



I’d say bottom 4.

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I’d love to see them relegated.

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If Essendon can manage to isolate Daniher with quick ball transfer he could kick 100+. There’s not a defender in the league that can handle Daniher 1 on 1. In the air especially.


Daniher would need 8+ shots a game due to his accuracy. I can’t see anyone kicking 100 in the modern game unless they were extremely accurate.

His accuracy was pretty solid last year, especially after the Melbourne game.
He kicked 65.39 for the season, which is pretty solid.

He has improved but it’s still around 8 shots a game. That’s like a third of scoring, no opposition would allow that.

Back on topic, I can’t see west coast being a threat but will win games at home. If they lost Shuey they’ll be a disaster. There midfield hasn’t been this weak for a long time and NicNat won’t impact games like he has in the past. It’ll be interesting who finishes higher out of west coast and freo.