Season 2018 - West Coast


I’m tipping West Coast to finish 17th (North Melbourne last).
Freo 14th again, but with a much better percentage than they had in 2017


I think they’re better than that. Although they could throw in the towel as they are a team on the decline. Teams like carlton, Brisbane and Gold Coast have all hit rock bottom and on the rise, any improvement is a success.
Bottom 4 is on the cards, they could easily go into the mentality that there’s nothing to gain.


Honestly I dream of the day we beat these fkg cvnts here by 10+ goals

I hate them like you vics (understandably) hate Carlton


I dream of this mob being kicked out of the competition for eternity plus 1 day

I honestly cannot see them getting anywhere near the eight.

I don’t see where they have improved on last year’s team…The expectation that Natanui will make a big difference is wildly speculative…he hasn’t played a game in 18 months and nobody knows at what level he will return.

An average midfield, a one man forward line…nup…they’re going nowhere but down


“Losing a Brownlow medalist and a runner up Brownlow medalist surely has to hurt.”

Lol - yeah, you’re a phoney Mitchell.

Nice dig Allblack.


I hate Freo more. There’s a begrudging respect for WCE from me.


The 2018 version of Nth Melb. Their list is cooked.



Jeremy McGovern has put contract talks on hold until the end of the season agreed to terms with Adelaide


That can’t be right. North and St Kilda have huge war-chests.


This thread is depressing reading. Not only are West Coast clearly outperforming our expectations the talk about Daniher kicking 100 goals is just plain sad at the moment.


Lol I just read my post that he or anyone would need 8 shots a game. I think he’s avg 3, he’s half the player he was last year. But it all turned for him after the Melbourne game last year, so I guess he’s got that going for him.


I haven’t watched a single WC game this year. Aside from Nic Nat who has stepped up in their midfield? Is darling actually good now or is he pretending? Do I have to take them seriously?


Nic Nat makes a massive difference to their side. They are good and it looks like they will get at least 1 and very likely 2 home finals. Have to be considered as contenders now.

Still big question marks on whether they can produce that form on the G and whether they can handle real finals heat. Tigers never got their pressure game going 100% on Sunday. They did it for a quarter in the second and dominated but weren’t able to maintain it.


If they can beat Sydney in Sydney then they’re for real.


Like North?


First half of the season wins don’t count. Beat Sydney in Sydney when it matters and it will count.


Move those goal posts horse lover.


Say wut now …?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Sydney are the only team to defeat West Coast so far this year, round one at Optus. Do we say Sydney are better credentialed than West Coast because of that win or do we say cool yer jets, do it in round 14 and we’ll take you seriously?


Someone has finally posted footage of Judd’s mythical sole WAFL game.
Pretty ridiculous to see someone playing his first ever senior game of football walk through tackles like that; let alone at the second highest level of football possible