Season 2019 and beyond








Ratten, caracalla and mcviegh would be a nice combo. Expensive but nice. Doubt we will get any of them.


Goddard must go. Francis to take his spot. Gleeson back in.


It also basically confirms Mitchell will be at the hawks next year



B: Saad Hooker Francis
HB: Gleeson Hurley McKenna

7th def/mid - Goddard (Redman closing)


He is slow this year. What are you expecting next year?


Never been quick

I’d expect his footy smarts, endurance and disposal to again provide a strong impact.

And him to help us in our quest for a flag. May not play every game but is still easily going to be in our best 25 players.


dont think any of those fiddy fiddys will be


Fair call. Worst case you are wrong and he is depth.


The email about McKernan was sent out via the club, didn’t you go get yours?


Unless West Coast find him a ‘Melbourne role’ and hold him to his contract.

If Mitchell goes back to Hawthorne, will the AFL investigate the percieved salary cap manipulation. Traded to West Coast to clear cap for Jaeger O’Meara, Tom Mitchell and Ty Vickery (Had to mention him). Two years later he walks out on the contract. If he lands back at the Hawks, some might rightly speculate that it was the plan from the start.


AND it’ll be a jerk move to move on Ratten just to give jobs for the boys, but because it’s Hawthorn and not Essendon it’ll actually work in their favour not rout the club for another decade.


“Nothing to see here, move on”


What’s the bet they paid him heaps in his first year coaching also to counteract their own salary cap.


Ahh,… no, … they came for a few week or two,… Coaches Vids, Team selection, … then mysteriously just fkn stopped again. :roll_eyes:

But what is the fact between those two posts you made?

He has signed a new deal??

Or he hasn’t yet??


I’m sure that was the plan from the beginning.


I don’t know if he has signed anything, he was about to go in and have surgery. And; sadly I deleted the email.
The email said Smack had been offered a two year deal - injury or not. He was definitely was chuffed about it. I just assumed it was happening automatically. Other wise why send out the email??? I haven’t heard anything from the club since of seen anything either.


NW. Cheers.