Season 2019 and beyond


I might be wrong. I’m pretty sure it was just the one with quotes from Shaun McKernan about him having an offer not having signed up.

I suspect however that his and a lot of the other out of contract players are awaiting what trades occurs etc and how we manage the salary cap etc

In principle 2yr but finer details of $$ have to be worked out around incoming / outgoing players.


Well now that our season is over it is now time to look at 2019. The problem we face is that while our long off season will be full of promise, we have been in this situation before in probably 4 of the last 6 years, thinking we will have a good season but by round 6 our optimism is gone.

Our start to the season killed us, not the Carlton game on its own, even our 2 wins were pretty poor games. However our last 3 months of football have been very good, having only dropped games to the reigning premiers, the umpires and the Hawks today. We won 4 games interstate, won ugly, won by chocking the opponents and won in shootouts. Our list at the start of the year looked very thin but, with Guelfi and Langford coming on like they have and with the SSS coming in our list is much better balanced than previously.

We thrown Gleeson back into the defence and Daniher up forward. The good thing with Gleeson was that he completed a full PS last season, hopefully he has no more setbacks and can be in training by October again. As for JD, the club ■■■■■■ him up (and he probably did it to himself as well) so hopefully he can hit PS in October as well.

With them two back in, we desperately need 2 of Clarke, Mutch, Ridley and Redman to come on quickly and take the next step. Hard for Clarke who only played one game but if we are to play well from round 1 and aim to get top 4 we need at least 2 of them to take the next step.

Laverde needs to either shape up or ship out, Langford is now way past him and Lav needs to get up to his level. And if Francis can stay fit and healthy we will have our defence sorted for a while to come.

We’ve seen good development from Langford, McKenna and Parish this year, lets hope they, at worst, keep at that level next year, we can’t afford anyone to regress at all.

I hate saying it because it feels like we say it every year but we have a good list, a pretty decent best 22 as well. Hopefully the players i have mentioned come on and push players like Colyer, Dea and McNeice out of our best 22/25. Hopefully pick 7 is used on another midfielder to help[ strengthen that area even more so.

■■■■ start hurt us this year, but the last 3 months has seen us play footy that can stand up in finals, lets just hope we get to put it in action soon


more of the same flashy stuff to come.

No ability to handle pressure and so soft.

Further away from being top 4 than we were a decade ago.

The drugs SAGA deprived us of Hibberd, Ryder and Carlisle plus it cooked Jobe and a few others.

I hope we lose every game from and pick someone from interstate with number 6 pick and make him play VFL so he faaarks off. Someone else can have the Clayton Oliver, Patrick Cripps, Bontompelli types.




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Most teams these days run with 2 senior midfield coaches (Stoppage & Transition) we only have Skipworth. I think it is time to move Harvs on and the Corrigan brothers haven’t really set the world on fire either; we should be targetting coaches from successful systems (Sydney, Hawks, Rich). I’d be targetting:

-Caracella, Ratten, McVeigh
-Tackling Coach
-Goalkicking/Skills Coach

I’d also be going after Chris Johnson as a development coach or even as the Head of our Academy program.


Except Kelly does stoppages, so we actually do have two midfield coaches. Well, one and Skipworth.

As far as goal kicking goes, no we don’t have a full time goal kicking coach, but Matty Lloyd is available for anyone on our list who wishes to make use of his expertise. So maybe we really don’t need one of those. Although by the same token, maybe some time with him should be made compulsory rather than optional.

Tackling coach would be nice.

And I’m quite a fan of Harvey into the cannon.


I’d be moving Kelly into defence, with McVeigh as a defensive development, Cara and Rats as Mids and Skipworth back to the Forwardline.

I’d be making the goalkicking coach compulsory because duh, and our tackling skills have annoyed me for years. These two don’t need to be fulltime AFL but can split time with VFL and WVFL.


McVeigh has a contract with Sydney to coach them from next year.




John Longmire.


It’s amazing that Skipwroth has lasted this long he’s from the Knights era surley it’s time we move him on.


I’d expect if he survives Dan Richardson’s review then there is good evidence that he is indeed a decent coach. Losing Matt Egan, I think, was a hefty blow to our coaching department.


Really? Haven’t heard anything about that myself, only thing I’ve heard about McVeigh is he might go down the Hodge route of player/coach role.


Egan had our defence running like a well oiled machine big loss.


Yep, he was helped by having a certain 400 game veteran at his disposal tbf


Lets get Fletcher as a defense coach


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