Season 2019 - Collingwood


looking at their best 22 and ours looks like Anzac day would be good with fit lists on the park.

Grundy Bell
Treloar Shiel
Sidebottom Heppell
Pendelbury Langford
Beams Merrett
Adams Smith
Phillips/Wells McGrath/Parish

Stephenson Saad
De Goey - Ambrose? Francis?
Moore - Daniher
Cox - Hooker
Micohek - Hurley

Their midfields is deep (like ours now) and their spuds play well against us.
Their midfield is more experienced.


Just beat these arseholes on anzac day. our record on anzac day is nothing short of pathetic




Umpires love childs


We should’ve beaten them the 2nd time.

Under 2 kicks away.


Top 4 certainties. Their midfield is the best in the comp


that is an amazing stat.
Other clubs will to a lot more work into the pies this year. The draw will be harder. Some clubs (like Essendon) who they beat last year will be much harder.
They are a middle of the range club so they may struggle to make finals.


We are.


If Joe is as good as he could be from round one then other teams are gonna ■■■■ their dacks.


Umpires crucified us in the second game.

Was blatant cheating.


It’s less demoralising when you don’t drive to the game from the other side of the continent…


Please clarify.
I thought we shot ourselves in the foot in our second meeting, and we should have won IMO.


Have we not been saying the same thing for ten years?

The drive was better than the footy, I ain’t even mad.


They’re as good a chance to win it as anyone.

Buckley is a great coach IMO. And the players love him. Their midfield bats deeper than anyone’s, and apart from Pendles they don’t have anyone who’s a about to go over the cliff. They’ve also shown an ability to get results through periods of serious injuries so they’ve got good depth. And not to mention that Grundy is the best ruckman in the competition.

Their weakness is a big strong key defender, as shown by the fact that Darling got a hold of them in the second half of the GF.

They’ll finish top 4 no problems and will go close.


27 to 17 frees, plus the ones we should have got, minus the ones they gave to Collingwood, when they could not even see the incident, would have evened it up.


While we were closer in the 2nd game, I never felt we were going to get them.
Perhaps the standard of umpiring was part of that.


Yeh WOB, there these things called Aeroplanes. Just bet against Essendon and it will pay for your airfare or alternatively you will be happy to lose the bet.


Evened what up?

If the free kick count was reversed and more importantly where they were payed we would have won by 10 goals.

They kept Collingwood in the game up until 3 qt time and then they beat us fair and square in the last.


It actually was a game where we were shafted by the umps, but I agree, they were better in the last, but only just, because Pendlebury somehow walked away from centre bounces with a couple of damaging clearances .


Sidebottom was allowed to do what he liked as well.

We should have been up by 5 goals at 3 qrt time though.

I wanted to jump the fence that day and kill the umps.