Season 2019 - Collingwood


Port Adelaide were called out for being a bunch of flat trackers 2 seasons ago. Smashed all the ■■■■ sides and came up short against the big boys. Collingwood did that last year, yet nobody picked that out because they are Collingwood. even if you add the finals into this, their win-loss record v the 2018 finalists was 3-9, 25%. They’re not that good, they profited from a cushy schedule, that’s all they did.


De Goey was also almost unstoppable in the second game last year… who takes him?


Collingwood finished on top for free kicks and 15th for frees given away.

Finishing number 1 for free kick differential.

For those that don’t believe the AFL can manage results I suggest you look a bit closer.

The umpires have far more influence on results then any 5 players can have.


if i remember correctly things turned to ■■■■ when ambrose went off injured and De Goey took advantage of the mismatch on him.


I also feel the new rules will not help them in the middle at centre bounces as there will be a lot of space and they can be a bit slow with pendles, Sidebottom and Beams is no flash.


Aaron Francis will eat him for breakfast.


I’ll preface this by acknowledging my hatred for these scum, and the fact that I don’t really follow what they’re doing (except for schadenfraude)
Thought I’d look at their supposed injury problems they bravely overcame last year, to see if it might affect this year.
Surprise surprise most of that injury crisis was a Collingwood feel good narrative- the same way the umpires always pick on them.
They did have injuries- but heavily focused on only a couple of positions.
CHF, CHB, and small forwards

Their mids, with the exception of Wells who is cooked anyway, went through the season relatively unscathed- Greenwood & Treloar were the only ones to miss more than a game or two. (Plus De Goey with his internal suspension at the start - played every game after)

Grundy played every game.
Their smaller backs, with the exception of Goldsack, again were largely untouched - Howe played 21 games before injury

7 blokes played every game
Their injury stats, in terms of games missed were actually better than ours for the season
Think Daniher Gleeson Fridge Redman Smack Fanta

So boo hoo Collingwood
If they cop a normal injury run, which last year’s was, but it’s spread across their mids and rucks as it normally is, they’re in for a big surprise

On the balance of probabilities- make the 8, but only just


I’ve got some tin foil I’d like to sell you.


What for?

The AFL change rules every five minutes and even during season.

They call it rule interpretation.

I think you are naive.


Collingwood makes a fascinating case study. They’ve had a “bad” injury run for years and until ‘18 laboured through the season because of it. Last year, despite injury, performed well to beat teams outside the 8 (something Essendon can’t do) although struggled against top 8 sides. In finals, an emotionally charged Collingwood performed well BUT beat Richmond and GWS who had limped to the line, H&A. Yes, they’ve improved their midfield depth with Beams BUT can they perform at the same level again? The feeling is yes (dependent on how hungry they are?), and they’re helped somewhat by playing 10 of their first 12 in Melbourne, 8 at the G. Mind you, Geelong, Richmond and West Coast (who beat them easily at the G last year) in the first 3 could be challenging. It’s possible both Collingwood and Essendon arrive at AD with 3 wins apiece. Regardless, the build up to the game will be intense especially with Collingwood owning the day.


I reckon Hurls has to take most of these mid size brutes, who also have ground level tricks.
Caddy/Martin, DeGoey etc…


How so? It’s Essendon’s home game this year… or did you mean something else?


Yeah, meant they’ve “owned” the Bombers ‘cause they always win


They would absolutely dominate Hurley if they play on him. Hurley of 2019 is a completely different player to 2014-17


Not sure if my hatred makes me biased but I think they will go backwards.
Previous years there disposal has been putrid and I think a few losses in succession especially with a tougher draw and more so considered the hunted will put pressure on their confidence. There an emotional team and if they lose a bit of confidence, ball movement will slow down and the poor disposal will snowball.
I don’t rate Bucks either, pretty much stole the Richmond playbook play by play, if he tinkers with it because he now thinks he’s gods gift he will absolutely destroy his team. If there behind the eight ball after we play them watch them crumble like Adelaide did.


Reckon they will win the flag. Amazing what they achieved despite the huge injury list last year. If Essendon copped an injury run like that this place would be catapulting J.Crow into Keilor Park.


as others have indicated I reckon some of their injuries were a blessing because they found better players instead…

I don’t think there are many guys that missed the grand final who would make their team now. Especially when you throw Beams into the mix


I think they over-achieved and will struggle to make top 4.


I agree they overachieved, but maybe not by much considering the quality of their midfield.
The thing is, I don’t think they’ve got much improvement in them. Yes a guy like De Goey might improve and do a lot of damage, but I reckon a lot of guys that played in the GF are either at or past their peak, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if a few guys drop away.

Dunn/Goldsack (I put them together because I think at best they’ll only ever have 1 of these guys in the field…but they must both be close to done.

Even guys like Beams, Sidebottom, Howe aren’t young…

Very few guys who played many games last year who are 21 or younger.


I think most people subconsciously look for ways for Collingwood to lose. the fact they could pinch one next season is bedwettingly scary.

they’ve got a good even spread with the experience you’ve mentioned and good young blokes coming through. De Goeys the sort of bloke that could run amok through a finals series a la long 93.

will be thereabouts this season.
we could be about, im just not sure where is there.