Season 2019 - Collingwood


I think our midfield will pass theirs by the end of 2020.
They will get us for experience and Grundy’s ruck edge in 2019, but we may have the advantage around the ground, particularly if JD is up and running by ANZAC Day.

I’d be disappointed if we couldn’t at least split our results this year.




They didn’t have a huge injury list - see my previous post.
You’ve been sucked into the Collingwood underdog myth


will be Essendon V Collingwood in the Grand final


No he hasn’t. They most definitely had a poor run with injury last year. You’re contorting yourself to say otherwise.

If we were without those equivalent players we would have been having a massive whinge. To steady and win enough games to finish top 4 was a big effort and proved they were clearly playing for the coach and had better depth than they thought at the start of the season.


Treloar (one of their best mids misses most of the second half of the season) --> Brayden Sier who hadn’t played a game steps up and looks like a gun.

Lose both Darcy Moore AND Ben Reid for much of the year. Both of whom would have been pencilled in as starting Key Position players at the beginning of the year --> Brody farking Mihocek comes in and plays a role at CHF.

Don’t get a game out of their livewire small forward Jamie Elliot --> Jayden Stephenson plays all year and wins the rising star

Add to that losing 2 MORE guys who had were playing as Key Position Defenders in their makeshift backline Lynden Dunn and Matt Scharenberg (due to the absence of Reid and Moore he was forced to play above his height) both to ACL’s

Throw in a mid who the year prior was one of their better performers when fit, Wells, barely played a game.

Goldsack whilst on the periphery of their best 22 tested their depth further being out for the whole H&A season.

Then a guy like Howe who had been great for them misses the last month or so of footy but they dealt with that as well. Varcoe who was a best 22’er missed about 5 or 6 weeks mid year.

There were a few others like Fasolo, Broomhead etc that don’t really rate a mention but eroded their depth even that slight bit more.

Point is, they didn’t have a great run, especially losing structurally important players yet managing to adapt and play according to who they did have out on the park.


The only bloke you’ve listed who would definitely be in their top 10 players is Treloar. Maybe 1 or 2 others arguably.
The point is, they seemed to have a lot of injuries, concentrated in specific areas (like KPD). As windsockboy already mentioned, their midfield was barely impacted. Every club would have to expect someone to miss 6 or 8 weeks at some point like Treloar did. Wells injury was probably a blessing. He’s past it and he’s a liability in the defensive structure these days.


They had a typical run with injuries
Didn’t say it was a good run.
The difference was, as I said, was that it was concentrated on a few spots, while other positions were largely injury free. The bull dust was a created “backs against the wall” story.

I’ll try and add some details rather than repeat myself
Played from 22 games
Note VFL games are included in total games played

Fanta- 13 games
Joey - 7 games (and played injured during those)
Smack- 13 games (3 VFL)
Fridge- 5 games
Laverde- 16 games (9 VFL)
Gleeson- season
Redman- 8 games (6 VFL)
Colyer- 11 games (3 VFL)
Zaharakis- 17 games
Myers- 17 games (1 VFL)
Ambrose 9 games (2 VFL)
Guelfi- 17 games (2 VFL)
Dea - 15 games ( 3 VFL)
Leuny- 15 games (13 VFL)

Missed 4 games injured - Parish Brown McKenna Mutch
Missed 3 games injured - Ridley Green

Most of the above are definitely in best 26

I’m not going to list the 1 & 2 game injuries, and you can look at the Collingwood games yourself- I’ve looked at them too much for comfort
The point being both Essendon & Collingwood had typical injury runs.
The difference being Collingwoods were concentrated in a few spots, and had a few more long term rather than medium term injuries (5 to 10 week injuries)
Can be argued that that is actually less disruptive than a continual reshuffle especially when depth players -( Eg Joe Smack Brown Laverde as forwards) miss progressively

I’m sure most clubs were in a similar situation, with some, like the Doggies being worse, and some, Richmond?, being better


Varcoe, Reid, Goldsack, Wells and Dunn are all borderline 30 and have been missing tons of games with injuries for a few years.
Not sure you can reasonably claim to be surprised when they’re injured, much less expect them (as a group) to improve?

To me there’s a big asterisk on wimm’s “losing nothing”. They’ve got a lot of older guys (above group plus Mayne, Pendles, Greenwood, Beams). Good side when they’re up. Great midfield.

But they do lack a real cutting edge spearhead (largely disguised by the very good seasons of De Goey and Stephenson).

I think they’ll be top 6 for sure. Not sure they’re much better than that.


Only if you believe for some weird reason that only serious injuries to midfielders count.

It’s good that the games missed by Daniher, Fantasia, Smack, Gleeson, McKenna, Redman, Begley, Hurley, Francis, Laverde, Ambrose etc didn’t effect us at all last year.

While of course we fell in a massive hole that no one could forget when Zaka and Parish went down.


Saw something today that Collingwood hoped to get 15 games out of Daniel Wells in 2017 after they recruited him. So far they have gotten 14 from two full seasons!


I’m not sure what they were thinking there.
Norf actually had/have a pretty good track record with soft tissue injuries and couldn’t get him right; Collingwood have been the exact opposite over the past 5 years. They had no hope.


Maybe they thought, ‘well, we’ve got a gym, so…’


We need @Riolio Wells game counter, stat.


They are lucky they didn’t get more games out of him.


So you actually agree with my point, even though you pretend to disagree.
Injuries affect all clubs, and usually to a similar degree.
I just don’t accept the media myths about Collingwood- they’re just another club, although more hypocritical than most.


How do you explain the whole 13th to 2nd thing.


tHe eAzyy dRaW eXpLaInS aLL


Look I hope all you one eyed analysts are right because I’m over these carnts and in particular I’m over trudging back from the MCG on ANZAC day feeling infuriated and embarrassed. The rot has to stop there. We need to push back and start standing up for ourselves on the biggest stage of the H&A season.


Probably. I didn’t look that close. Even if they did come up against more nuffies than the rest they where one of the nuffies last year. And DrAwwIsE how did you know from last season bad teams improved and good teams stank. Absolute fallacy.
The great Collingwood injury myth aside, Buckley found players all year when he needed a hole filled. Even if they’re ordinary he had a philosophy and they loved his little lovely speeches and did what they where told. All very good teams can do it - they get in duds and they find them a job. One player injured or dropped gets replaced by someone else that has the same role and maybe another one to boot.

That an everything else I said, I’d be a bit worried.

I’ll bet you a groat.


It will be the first ANZAC day in awhile where both teams are seriously good. Not lopsided.

We will still get pumped though. Buckley will outcoach us again.