Season 2019 - Collingwood


We wil spank them. They aren’t stopping Joe, Stringer, Raz and Walla.


They played better in 2018 than 2017.

I just think they’re a fairly weak 2nd place side, as far as 2nd place sides go.


and here I thought you where statman.
with your statarang.


Lol if you think that they will all be injury free at the same time and therefore the club manage to field them in the same side. I’ve got more chance of winning the lotto and I don’t even play.


Managed it in Round 3 & 4 last year.
You should have tried to claim that lottery prize.


So only 2 rounds for the entire year?


Working with probabilities is not one of your strengths.


Retrospective thought, this second place side flogged the reining premiers and lost to the mclelland trophy people by 1 point. With frig all finals experience let alone grand finals. Who Evers arguing against this needs someone do dig only a short way into their psyche, to see that any doubt they weren’t worthy is based on a thorough loathing of their existence and the true possibility of them getting up next year. I watched 1990 and probably share the same scars but to say they were lucky is laaaaughable…


You work hard, you get lucky.

They worked hard.


G Norman.
He went on to fk up the putt and lose the tournament


Like winning the lottery twice!


Yes I loath their existence.
Yes they played well at key times last year.
Can they repeat it?
Well people thought the Crows were a cert to go well after 2017 also.
I’m with HAP - they’ve got some flaws as well as strengths, and I think other clubs - us, Melb, Weagles, Richmond (with Lynch), even GWS possibly, have got more potential improvements this year.
Beside which it’s Collingwood and there’s still 6 weeks for a preseason implosion.
I can but hope.


If they fk it all up it’s got nothing to do with anything postulated on here.

Collingwoods biggest enemy is themselves. The expectation is trice as big as any other club there or thereabouts. Supporters, admin, the toothless old crone of a cleaning lady in the office.

And Eddie driving it all.

If they ■■■■ this up maybe they do drop back into the pack. Otherwise the nightmare begineth.


A bit less than 12 months ago they lost Rounds 1 & 2 and I thought they might go 1-5 after Round 6. Then they started running and all these mid sized forwards + cox formed a really good forward line. They’re not well balanced all over the ground but their prime assets are scary good.


I had these guys finishing bottom four last year. Along with West Coast, by the way. And norf. And about 4 other teams. No bias here.


De Goey helped off the track during training today


Not ideal.


That’ll hurt them :confused:


Nah they’re just trying to replicate last year with De Goey’s late start, but without the alcohol.


What was his BAC when he rolled his ankle?