Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


Time for Carlton to get in a really good, experienced coach, like Mick Malthouse.
Or a real up and coming coach like Brett Ratten.


the great thing is that i think theyre going the Hardwick/Buckley route where theyre being patient with him in the hopes of “sustained success”. sadly, i think the fark carlton supporters and coterie groups will be the ones that do it after being fed up. i cant see Bolton lasting more than seasons end.

but then back to square one. another coach comes through the door to ruin their career…


The media haven’t started getting stuck into him at all really.

It’s very surprising


Everyone’s hoping for the next Clarkson and giving their coach 4+ years with no pressure for a total rebuild but they ignore the fact that Clarkson was getting very obvious improvements in results as early as his 2nd year.

And he was getting heat from the Hawks hierarchy, started with a 2 year contract, which they then renewed after certain targets were met.


Bolton is on a hiding to nothing at present & their supporters just have to accept the reality of the list.

Each year his side has lost more experienced players, and got younger and younger. And their middle age bracket is completely lacking in quality.

Even Clarkson couldn’t polish this turd.

They’ll be stuck on bottom for quite a few years yet IMO with more experienced players out the door and waiting for the class intake of kids over the past 3-4yrs to be able to consistently impact.


You do realise that’s part of his job?


Yep. 2 wins and safe is mind blowing.

People are letting themselves be dazzled by the “how can the coach possibly do anything about the players” BS.

He’s simply not picking or coaching sides to win games.

That can’t be enjoyable for the players. And they won’t pick up guys like Shiel while that is the case.


I suspect the AFL has a lot of control over what the media can release.

If they want accreditation please do as you’re told.

It wouldn’t be good business for the AFL to paint them as the equivalent of Fitzroy.


Gee, surprised at the level of Carlton discussion (and now I’m adding to it!). The management of Carlton’s list and recruiting has been poor for a very long time and when the AFL went particularly hard at them for salary breaches, well, they’ve taken a long time to recover BUT they’re building a solid list on the back of multiple first round picks and will start winning more games. Actually, I’m expecting 8-10 wins for the year. Also, believe the press have gone easy on Bolton because their hierarchy have managed the narrative brilliantly… sharks are circling with blood in the water but Carlton have maintained their line, nothing to see here.


Likewise. WGAF really??

Fark Carlton.


You might be on your own with that number of wins. They will do well to win 4 games, which would still double their W/L record for last year, and be considered a huge improvement.


They hired Bolton on the back of him winning 5 games. Any coach could have gotten wins with that list at Hawthorn.

rofl Blues.


I had to double check that they only won two games last year.

We won three games the season when we had the top ups!

That is disgraceful.

Fark Carlton!


Little harsh on the judgement. It was widely accepted in all coaching circles and media circles that Bolton was one who would most likely end up as the HC. His problem was that they hamstrung him from the start (the contract), then they do not give him any power over the list at all. H eis basically someone they got in then took a tight hold on. And, let’s be honest, the list he was handed was poor to start with and isn’t getting any better in a hurry.

Not saying he would have made a great coach elsewhere, but he was handed a no win situation, a sacrificial lamb as the club decided they needed a rebuild.


By way of explanation, I present to you a thing I wrote from April 2014:


This is nothing to do with our situation. This is about pure, visceral hatred of a disgusting, born-to-rule, cheating, arrogant, delusional, sniping shitbag of a club who I have hated since the day I was born and will hate until the day I die.

Their misfortune makes me smile, laugh and feel warm inside because of who they are, not because of who we are.

May they rot.

Fark Carlton. They are scum.


And if there’s one thing we know, it’s that Carlton + first round picks = success.


Won a b&f didn’t he


They’re not actually. I thought this about 3 months ago til I looked closely at their list.

Their best 22 has to include all of their high draft picks from the last 2 seasons because there is no-one else.
Plus there is still room for old guys who are has beens or never was’s like Thomas and Jones.
That was before Docherty went down.

Their best depth is guys like Bugg… oh hang on.

Setterfield is probably a walk up start for the best 22 once he’s fit and he’s no certainty at all to make it.

The rest of the 22 odd guys on their list are either rejects from other clubs or long shot late draft picks who have already managed to show nothing over multiple seasons and are just waiting their turn to be delisted.
It’s hard to understand how a list could possibly be in such bad shape


Good to see Fark Carlton tripling down on the issue caused by Fasolo’s broken arm. Not only did he break his arm but he has now had to apologise to all the Fark Carlton staff and their families, while the entire squad had a field trip to Ravenhall prison. Not sure what else they were trying to achieve with the prison visit. Im guessing it showed the players that crime is probably a more attractive career option than playing footy for Fark Carlton.

From the article this quote from Bolton is my favourite:

Lillian O’Sullivan (who works in Carlton’s welfare department), who is an O’Sullivan and does everything for people, he contacted her and thanked her for everything.

He’s wonderful at stating the obvious.

Fark Carlton


Thank you redbull, who is a bull that is the colour red.