Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


Their best players are still Simpson,Murphy,Ed Curnow,Thomas they are even more ■■■■■■ when they retire.


It’s the off season and we are just waiting for one of our players to go in surgery after the medical department thought they could manage the issue for 11 months until next pre season.

So in the meantime


When Ed Curnow and Thomas are in your top 5 then you have problems.

However you missed Cripps. And Charlie Curnow will be very good, as will Wietering (if they manage him properly)


Charlie Curnow

It’s hard to come up with a list of good players they have


Young players? Yeah it is a struggle.
SPS and Fisher look ok however with their development you could expect them to stagnate in the coming years


SPS has already stagnated. He’s Yarran mkII


It does have that stigma about him doesn’t it.

While it’s the Carlton thread surely we spank them in the JLT? the boys cant possibly be happy with losing to them last year they would have been cursing that they couldn’t play them again.


Their Board of Directors probably wanted to talk to the playing list in person.


Maybe. Carlton could play their best 22, while we play our best 13. Depends how Essendon use the JLT games. But yes, regardless I’d like to see the Essendon boys play clean skilful football. While a spanking would be a bonus.


Thats strange, FARK CARLTON having a day trip to a jail.

I thought that would be more Collingwoord’s thing.

Strange times.


A practice match??


Lacks appetite for a contested ball, aka a being a bit soft.


Can we pity FC, but annihilate them by at least 80 points like we did in 2014 Round 3. Please


We can’t pity FC.
We could beat them by 30 goals and it still wouldn’t be enough.


These sad ■■■■■■ want unlimited access to second division players, because apparently our signings of retirees like Petrenko and friggin’ Crowley (do Not get me started) is the same farking thing as them getting a billion top ten picks for being so ■■■■ and yet Silvagni is a genius.

Fark Judd and his blue juice and knowing exactly what he’s taking.
Fark Mathouse.
Fark their tape that we have oh wait no we don’t because it incriminates us.
Fark Fitzpatrick all to hell.
Farking fark Carlton.

There is no indignity low enough to satisfy me, up to and including them folding.
Maybe a decade later, maybe, maybe, I might forgive them.


If ever I were stupid enough to feel some compassion for them (and no… it never happens), I only have to recall that fateful day in 1999 and that feeling would evaporate as quickly as it came…


They’ve only got 15 guys who’ve played 50 games.

Out of that, Lobbe and Kreuzer won’t ever play together, Bugg’s pulled the pin, Docherty’s done for the year, and Liam Jones is done for the ever. Plowman is anybody’s guess coming off another knee. Fasolo has a broken arm, McGovern and Marchbank have back issues. The 3 old blokes (Simpson, DT and Murphy) have enough kms that any decent soft tissue injury is close to career ending.

Once you get about 10 or so players into picking a 22, it’s pure hope, rather than proven ability.
There’s going to be close to zero selection pressure.


LOL. I forgot FC havent’ scored 100 points in a game for years. I hope this trend continues in 2019.

The story should grow. All clubs should be aware of it. you do not want to be the first side to give this filth 100 points for.


I’ll never forget that night.
Not only did we belt the suitcase out of Carlton but I also got a root. So much win!


Which did you enjoy more?