Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


Can you still remember his name?


Collingwood has already complaigned to the AFL about Carlton recruiting in their zone…


elliots libs have a long line of association, sponsorship and persuasion within the sicilians. Carlton are intrinsically linked by association - probably. hopefully. I never trusted Andrew peacock for a second.

down here we had Edmund Rouse do time for crossing the floor for interesting purposes. A premier called robin grey should have donned the oj suit for a range of fiddling’s, including real estate and on the take for industrial developments.

actually, most of the libs in the 70s and 80s were that deep in with the underworld it was unbelievable, and bankrolled by them also. there was some link to the Fitzgerald enquiry. someone at the top got an OA before it was discovered he was on the take big time.

even now there’s some restaurant owning made man donating to the libs in Sydney.

Cheats. crooks. fark carlton.


wim is the Neville Chamberlain of our time.


Please don’t put that kind of pressure on us


Flogging Carlton, of course.


I know people keep joking in part about this stuff, but for it is a reflection of just how badly we have fallen over the years that we are so nervous about certain games and the season ahead. And that to me proves just how important this season is to the supporters of Essendon. We simply have to reach new heights


Yeah, EFC of 99-01 never would’ve dropped a game to C*nton.


Clearly the Fark Carlton players were amazed anyone would want to join the rabble that they are.


Hang on, how are they adding players to the list?


Bugg retirement, Docherty ACL. New replacement player rules…


Distinctly remember hopping on a train from Jolimont to Flinders Street after Lloydy had kicked a few and we had beaten them in the early-mid 2000s.

Carriage was packed full of Blues fans and they were picking on a handicapped Bombers fan. I was a young fella about 8-10 years old at the time and it really sticks in my mind.

Adds to the rich tapestry of FARK CARLTON and I take joy every time we belt them.




Are these “rules” for everyone, or just for the brown-paper bag, “blue juice for East German athletes”, salary-cap breaching, rule breaking, AFL perverting FCFC that we have all come to know and despise?




Actually it was the cheap stuff.


I’m a cheap kinda guy.


This. I want it to be so embarrassing that Bolton, SOS and the ancillary staff all get the sack.


Why would you want to relieve them of those anchors?


That is the day the pendulum will start to swing back.