Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


I wish I’d taken a photo of a car I saw the other day
Mini major
Navy blue paintwork
Big Carlton logo
Bonnet up on the side of the road.
Guess it was cheaper than the hovercraft.


But Winx is a champion and Carlton is Farked


I know one Kyle Reimers certainly enjoyed it! Found his level that day. He would fit in well on this current Fark Carlton list.


From memory, Reimers had the opportunity and said Fark Carlton.


Do you mean he had an opportunity to play with fark Carlton, or he had an opportunity to say ‘fark Carlton’?




Probably the suns.


Easier kickouts will lead to hammerings? Only if the team getting hammered can score first…


Only 8 days to go until we measure our midfield outfit against Cripps & Setterfield.


There is absolutely no way they have that many members. half of that would have to be pet or digital only memberships. i would love to hear what each club counts as an actual membership.


Every club count everything and everyone they can. An increasingly meaningless statistic. They’re all as bad as each other.


ive had a look at other clubs. the majority of the clubs arent even posting their numbers anymore.


I’m a Nigerian prince.


I initially read this as 5 000 members in record time and 900 up on last year.

Seemed legit to me.


So where’s that $940,000,000 you promised me you carnt?



Total club membership tallies up 11% (!!!) from 2017 to 2018
Average crowds up 2.4% from 2017 to 2018.

Every club’s marketing dept uses every trick in the book to inflate that number. It’s not just Carlton, it’s not just Hawthorn.

Crowds have basically been static since Fitzroy & ground rationalisation finished in the late 90s, at about 33k per game (plus or minus about 1k, depending on the year).


actually, they were giving out free membership upgrades recently…


To be fair though we have 3 game memberships for $25.00. I know i bought 5 for nephews and neices.


But we actually have more members…


I see Carlton are already in talks of locking away Sam Walsh before the kid has even played a game.

I fear for that kid Carlton have a habit of destroying number 1 picks

Kruzer - injury prone plodder
Muprhy - B grade mid
Gibbs - B grade mid that they traded away.