Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


Looks like they’ll be 18th when they play us. You know what that means.


Eventually all good things have to end. We have to get a turn to enjoy mauling them soon.


Geez it will be funny when we lose to Carlton again this season.

Maybe they will sack Bolton the week before.


Let’s see if they rest some players next week to get them primed again for us. Didn’t they bring in 4 fresh players LY?


Beaten by 93 points and Jeremy Cameron didn’t even have to kick a goal!

Fark Carlton


I figure that we are gunna need to win 9 out of our remaining 13 games to make the finals (4 + 9 = 13 wins). Even then, percentage may be a factor. Carlscum are ripe for a belting at our hands. Grab as much percentage as we can.


Yeah, not this season it won’t happen.


After Round 11 this thread’s going to go off - one way or another.


Honestly, I’d be happy with the 4 points when we play them. Expecting a win, let alone a percentage boosting one is just asking to be disappointed.

This game could kill the careers of either coach. If Woosh loses there will be rioting and if we dismantle FC then Bolton will be flayed alive.


I am a hopeless optimist, HM, so I expect a win every week. :wink: I’m a sucker for setting myself up.

A win alone against this rabble just won’t suffice, though. We really need both the points and percentage heading into the second half of the season. This season (like last year) will go down to the wire and competition for that 8th pozzie will be fierce.

Agree on the rioting point.


God. When you put it like that there is no way we are making finals this year. We still have games against Richmond and Collingwood who we never beat, plus interstate games against WC, Adelaide and Freo. I’d put us down for 1-2 wins tops.

The rest of the fixture is Carlton, Hawthorn, GWS, Sydney, North, GCS, Port, WB. Unless something dramatically changes I can’t see us winning more than 5-6 of those games. We will almost definitely ■■■■ the bed essington style against one of GCS, North or Carlton and the rest are 50:50 games.

8 wins tops. 12-10 again, probably miss out on percentage.


They tanked the weekend. They’ ll be getting primed for their grand final in a couple of weeks.



Fark Carlton.


Carlton will do us over, make no mistake. But they’re still sh*t.


I can feel a real payback win for us next week. We owe them a all mother of a hiding. Seems ripe for a Stringer 7+ goal haul.


Now Murphy out for multiple weeks.
It is soooooo set up for St Essington’s Day.
Now we just need them to rest Cripps and for us to still get rolled…


If any club owes that ■■■■ club the “FINISH HIM” type move while they’re on there fkn knees, it’s Essendon.

I want it so much.




I actually think their list is OK.there is plenty of young, really good kids. Im not sure bolton is getting the most out of them. Like us, they would be better, with a better coach imo

Imagine if woosha had won 4 out of the last 44. Lol. Bolton has to go, surely? Its delaying the inevitable