Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


It would be very pleasing if Shiel has a massive game, like seriously huge, against them as part of a big Essendon win.

I think that scenario has a lot to like about it. Us winning while the FC fans look on at what might have been but never was.


Carlton have performed very well against top quality opposition at times this year. Their best is very good. They just drop their bundle in a big way every now and then. I have no idea why. But I do know that it is very rare for them to play anything below their very best against us.


Because they’re farking ■■■■■.

Fark Carlton.


Well this shouldn’t be a concern for us then.

Fark Carlton


Bolton totally miscalculated when he gave top draft picks to Adelaide. Right now the Adelaide list manager is thinkin, “there’s one born every minute”
No doubt they have very good talent, but they are very young, and its very clear that a maximum effort one week to play well against Collingwood results in a sub par performance the next. ( but don’t forget Collingwood are at a low point in their cycle and not putting 4 quarters together at the moment. )

You can be sure in 2 weeks time FCFC will get themselves up for a brilliant game against us, leave nothing at all in the tank, then fall over the following week.

Carlton has risked more than a first-round pick on its 2019 finish and will need to get creative to strengthen list

JON RALPH, Herald Sun

May 21, 2019 9:41am

Battling Carlton will head into the 2019 draft with only a single pick inside the first two rounds after trading away their second-round pick for Will Setterfield.

Carlton’s risky decision to secure Liam Stocker has been well scrutinised, with the Blues set to hand over the No. 1 pick to Adelaide and receive pick 12 back on current ladder position.

But Carlton doubled down on its potential improvement but also trading its 2019 second round pick and pick 43 for GWS midfielder Setterfield and pick 71.

Right now that pick is sitting at 19 and would have been a valuable card to play in a draft with elite midfield stocks or as a trade centrepiece.

At least Carlton has its third-round selection (currently 37) and Adelaide’s third-round selection — currently 48 — but those picks will likely blow out past 40 when academy bids and free agency compensation picks are factored in.

Carlton traded two picks away to land GWS midfielder Will Setterfield last year. Picture: Michael Klein.

In an ideal scenario the Blues would have surged up the ladder and shown such improvement they had few list holes to fill in.

Instead Setterfield is taking time to work into form off a 2018 knee reconstruction and the Blues are a game and percentage away from 17th spot on the ladder.

The Blues were always aware Setterfield would take time to mature given he had played just two AFL games in 2017 because of injury worries.

But in six games the 192cm midfielder averages just 44 ratings points, and ranks below average in possessions, kicking, metres gained and scoreboard impact.

Carlton could not be more impressed with Liam Stocker’s early signs in three games — especially his performance against Collingwood.

Liam Stocker, Harrison Macreadie and Nic Newman after Carlton’s loss to GWS. Picture: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images.

But the Blues need to climb out of the bottom two for the deal not to backfire given the star power available in Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson, the likely first two picks in the 2019 national draft.

Carlton’s only saving grace is that it is unlikely to lose the first pick in May 27’s mid-season draft, four premiership points and 5.6 percentage points behind 17th-placed North Melbourne.

Another 18th placing would be their fifth wooden spoon since 2002, the Blues never before having finished last before that season.

Hawthorn and Collingwood have both paid the price for trading future first-round selections then slumping down the ladder in the next season.

Hawthorn’s complicated deal to secure Jaeger O’Meara included a 2017 first-round pick that ended up being pick seven but was pick two as late as Round 13.

Collingwood traded two first-rounders for Adam Treloar — one of them a future pick that became No. 7 after the Pies battled to 12th spot — but got back pick 28.


They’re 0-4 and 62% against teams in the 8





Bolton can be blamed for a lot. But surely this is SOS’s fault. He’s the so called guru list manager who has done absolutely nothing other than collect a whole list of near first rounders that continually fail to deliver.

SOS’s time at GWS was also oversold. The hand he was dealt there in terms of early picks meant even Blitz could have built the GWS list into a competitive beast. So really they have a club legend employed in a key role on the basis he is good at what he does, yet he doesn’t really have anything to support this claim.







Bolton has no say in that stuff, SOS rules completely.


Not that I will be listening to this podcast but Hutchy’s view that Fark Carlton should throw the kitchen sink at Clarkson would be so very Fark Carlton. Always after the quick fix. Any wonder they are where they are.


It’s so Fark Carlton that it might actually Fark Carlton.



I think the club should allow a selected number of supporters to have a daily 30 minute pep talk with the players in the week leading up to this game.

I think we’d do a better job than anyone at the club on this one.


I like the theory, but when I meet one of these intimidating 75kg 20 year-olds, I’m like a five year-old hiding behind mum’s legs in front of Santa.


I shoudn’t but I’m gonna



They don’t scare me at all. I’m up for the challenge.


Why did they want The “December baby” Langford then?