Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


Are you listening to yourself as you say that???


Oh you mean like LAST YEAR? Mate they’ll do us over, just watch. I told everyone last year and I’ll tell them again.


Aren’t they copping a hit from everyone in the wrong week? Usually it’s when they play us they get the rev up!


Not this year. Fark it - we are going to win it this year.



How come we didn’t get one for chanting “bullshiit” then?

The AwFuL and plot become increasingly divergent… Next thing they’ll want the game played in complete silence like tennis or fkn golf…



Please can our cheer squad just chant “Fark Carlton” throughout our entire game.


FC should respond that “You’re A C***” was deemed unsuitable due the children present.


Fark Carlton respond with. “Did you see the game and the ridiculous inexplicable free kicks paid to the Flogs?”


Gil’s really lost it if he thinks he can control what fans say during a game. The crowd aren’t his media puppets.


Kudos to the Carlton fans saying it how they see it. At least we aren’t the only ones copping the rough end of the stick by the umps.

In other news, I feel sorry for Cripps. He is going to be burnt out by the time Carlton finally climb the ladder (when he is in his late 20’s to early 30’s. I read Malthouse’s article and to see he has done over 900minutes in that midfield… wowser.


At every game this weekend “Gil is a wanker” should be chanted by everyone in the crowd


AFL making it a thing is now going to make it a thing.


Correct. It is also bizarre because people have been chanting it, quite literally, for decades.


AFL have a serious umpiring issue (lack of public / media confidence) and they are not handling it well.


Not handling it well? That’s a given. They are actually doubling down on how bad the umpires are.

Come out and admit they are human and that they get things wrong and guess what people might actually feel sorry for the umps. The current attitude and please explain to Fark Carlton just shows how our out touch the AFL’s strategy is.


Followed by minutes silence.
In memory of his support to the 34.


Is it Dill or Shocking who comes up with these draconian hare-brained ideas? I’m convinced Shocking was a cunning appointment by Dill to make him actually look good by comparison.


Spot on. I believe honesty is the best policy and would defuse a lot of the conjecture around the AFL:umpire nexus.