Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


Ol’ Gill has lost control of the narrative so they are now doing crisis management on the run. It’s going to end in tears - but who’s?


Not sure if mentioned but Daisy Thomas only getting a fine for calling an Umpire A cheat is a joke.
Please refer to James hirds -$20000 Fine and community service. What a disgrace


Sorry my mistake it was a three year umpire promotion program


IMO we didn’t get called out coz (bullshit) is critiquing the decision, where as calling the umpire a ‘wanker’ is personal.


You should get a job at the AwFuL. Sounds just like something they’d trot out… :grinning:




There is a difference between the cheer squad and the crowd.

As if we need another example that the AFL seeks to control everything.


What evidence could the umpires possibly present to demonstrate that they are not wankers?




A game of soggy biscuits wouldn’t be the right approach.



Very seriously, they should send back a letter saying:

Dear sir,

In case you haven’t noticed, we are having a spot of trouble at the moment.

We are sure you will understand that we are quite busy at the moment trying to get this bunch of hacks we call a playing list to play something that vaguely resembles football.

As such, we would thank you to not waste anymore of our time frivolously requesting explanations about things such as this.

Yours sincerely

Fark Carlton Football Club


Plus the denial of Brownlow votes the week after against WCE. And, didn’t say ump was a cheat, just disgraceful


Gee I hope you are wrong. But its a raffle I don’t want to buy any tickets in.


Oh dear… what is that saying about people living in glass houses?


Isn’t it ironic that the biggest bunch of wankers in the country asks FCFC to explain to them the meaning of “wanker”.


Dear Gil, … Do you have a Mirror?

Yours, FCFC Cheer squad.


Fark Carlton are tracking nicely this year.


hold your fire


If those delicate snowflakes think they’ve had a hard time thus far, just wait until next week when both Essendon and Fark Carlton fans are screaming at them. It’s going to be awesome.