Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


They’re a rubbish list. I don’t get the love for some of their players. Like I said they’ve got only 1 legit star or player of any quality - Cripps. The rest meh, and their record shows it.

I don’t rate Bolton as a coach but tbh he’s got farck all to work with, not that that’s a bad thing.

Farck Carlton


They haven’t done anything becuase they are young and most haven’t even played 50 games. Are they supposed to be AA superstars?

I like our youth of Lang, Lav, Parish, McG, Ridley, Francis and Redman. But they haven’t really done a lot or solidified themselves as best 22 let alone stars.

How about everyone revisists some of those Carlton names when they are 23 and a hundred games under their belt, just like our players.


I wouldn’t say our young group is that strong either.
We only had two years down the bottom, and had 3 early draft picks nicked off us to boot.

I just think the reality of their “full blooded” rebuild and strong young list doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny. If Dow, OBrien and Walsh all go mental, I’ll start to believe.
Until then, meh.


“I like our youth of Lang, Lav, Parish, McG, Ridley, Francis and Redman. But they haven’t really done a lot or solidified themselves as best 22 “

Langford, Parish, Pidg and Francis say hi.

Those 4 are 100% in our best 22.


So are most of those Carlton names :joy:


Yeah I agree, don’t count your chickens etc etc


Reality is there’s guys who are fringe for us who’d play every single week for Carlton. Which is the difference between a mid range side and a terrible one.


Pretty damn hard for young players to come in immediately and do well especially in a garbage side.

Of the last 4 drafts early picks…

Curnow has done so pretty quickly. McKay for a 200cm beanpole naturally took time but has progressed now nicely.

SPS showed great signs in his first year, was named in bests a few times IIRC. Fisher has been terrific. They also bid on Setterfield in that draft, if can get on park clear talent with him.

Dow was very scratchy early on but got better as year went on. OBrien I think was injured early but looked good later in season.

Walsh is just going to be a certainty to be a good player. Best to come out of Geelong Falcons program so says their main man down there. And Stocker seems a likely type which they clearly rated highly so see how he goes.

If Weitering gets his confidence back that’s a solid group of young players to have coming through together. Especially adding Cripps to them as the captain leading the way whose only 22yrs old IIRC

This is really where their improvement will come from, when all these guys are capable of consistently performing at AFL level which they aren’t yet & shouldn’t be expected to be.


Mick Turner says this about some kid literally every single year.


Comprehension fail or are bored & trying to be obtuse? When & where did I say they were great? When & where did I say they were a feather in Bolton’s cap? Once again for those of limited cognitive abilities - Carlton’s list of under 23 players I believe, is better now than when Bolton started & better than they have had in recent memory (at least 10 years). Now that I believe they have a better base to build from, I think we are better placed moving forward to get to see what Bolton can & can’t do.


Yeah I’m not saying they aren’t terrible now.

But that’s on the senior players not the kids. Saying the kids are no good becuase if they were they would be winning is silly. Look at GWS and GC first years, great kids doesn’t equal wins.


5th youngest and 5th least experienced list last year.


He’s turned boys into men who help their mothers on Christmas Day.




Lol. Not bad.


Could have been a cracker if only it wasn’t brought down a few steps by over-crassness.


Thank ■■■■ they didn’t get Goddard.
He would have lost his ■■■■ and they would have ■■■■■■ on us.
Fark Carlton ■■■■ ■■■■■■■!


Not sold on Langford just yet.


Bolton is probably doing the old “one step back to go 2 steps forward”

But when you are already that far down? How much lower can you go? Maybe if they lose to us in 2019 that will be the last straw?


If they lose to Gold Coast, i would think that would be the biggest disaster. thats “internal review” stuff right there…