Season 2019 - Fark Carlton


Fark Carlton but geez, I’d love this guy at the Bombers


Carlton 2019 Team Photo


No but he was running hot and cold any way


Although we got Shiel he’s the one mid we are missing.

Our midfield would be the best in the comp if we had a Cripps or Josh Kennedy.


It will be the best in the comp by the end of the season anyway. We’ve got everything we need


You can say that about almost any team in the league


Can someone please send this pic to Gerard Healy.

Look at those arms. :open_mouth:


I might be strange but i simply never sit there hoping a player will come to us.

Except in trade season.

But I never say I wish we had Cripps.


Looks like Kouta


That hair is lux


I guess the thing that makes it grind a little bit more is the fact that pick 13 in 2013 could have been our pick if not for the saga sanctions. Carlton still would have had a pick a few earlier & may have still picked Cripps anyway but to see them them benefit from our shafting by playing finals then picking up a gun in our draft spot was a bit of extra salt in the wound.


I agree with you on this.


Fair to pedestal there by noonski. All trade period you’re slagging off people wanting players to come to Essendon.


On the flip side we ended up with Andy McGrath.


Surprised to see any Carlton faithful in attendance in that training image. Aren’t they all still on holiday down at Rye, while the other half is down at Dromana caravan park? Conveniently forgetting that footy even exists.


They’re usually suggestions by Nino or sangashortofapicnic.

People suggesting we waste effort on picking up players who would be nothing but depth.

Whatever ‘fair to pedestal’ means.


Apparently Kreuzer just had knee surgery - but FarkCarlton are hopeful he’ll be okay for round 1.

Season already looking ominous for them (I say this with hope that they crash and burn in spectacular fashion)


Classic delusional Fark carltoners


Will be lucky to win 3 games for the year. One will be against us and the other 2 they might get lucky against GC if they play them twice.


If they can’t win more than three games they might as well fold.

We won three games when we had most of our players kicked out during the saga.

I think they will be down the bottom for another 20 years. Right where they should be.