Season 2019 - Geelong


Constable for Rising Star nomination this round surely. 1 goal and 31 touches. If not, this is ■■■■■■ rigged.


How the ■■■■ does Geelong Get KELLY? seriously ffs we are ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■. They are even making GARY ROHAN look like a gun . GARY ■■■■■■■ ROHAN

Good on em though. They were a slow side that got easily found out, they brought in rohan and dalhaus now they will probs make another prelim.

■■■■,. feel so mad.


Rohan has tools. Was an obvious one that someone would get something out of. Sydney are a massive question mark for me and they are living on past glory, yet running the club into the ground.

Id take Rohan over Myers, Langford, Guelfi, Clark and Mutch combined. They all have major flaws, with no major weapons.

Rohan is a potential weapon in the modern game, at the right club with the right system.


Why can’t we get a player from another club and turn them into a gun? has this every happened?


These are the players we’ve got from other clubs (in the last 40 years or so) that went on to play over 100 games. Most of them improved significantly after they arrived at Essendon.

Terry Daniher 294
Sean Wellman 178
Sean Denham 142
Adam McPhee 142
Paul Barnard 140

(I didn’t include Brendan Goddard as he was already a gun when he arrived)


I thought they were cooked going into this year but they’ve introduced some kids and look at them now.
Maybe we should try that


The players we got from other clubs are the only ones performing at the moment.


Rohan is a massive spud with some of the worst footskills you would ever see. Massive frontrunner.


are you gonna take this @Diggers ?


Regardless of how you rate Rohan he, along with dalhause, were quite obviously targeted to suit a strategic and structural adjustment to their forward line. I mean as an Essendon fan can’t believe my eyes, but they seemed to have made a deliberate game plan adjustment, tweaked the cattle and implemented it seemlessly in just one preseason. Incredible


Rohan impacts some weeks and is barely sighted others all whilst consistently touching it 12x per game.

Having said that, he does it better than most other defensive forwards, including McDonald-T.



Hold your judgement until the business end of the season. Dangerfield and Ablett are driving the current success; Harry Taylor is fit again and a few young blokes are doing well. The inevitable injuries to Danger, Ablett and Selwood will happen, the lack of key forwards will bite and the young blokes will tire.


Dangerfield and Selwood don’t miss many games. I’m not sure why you think injuries are inevitable? Then you have guys like Kelly, Duncan and Constable who got 31 touches and a goal in his second game. Stewart & Touhy in the backline and Hawkins, Abblet & Dahlhaus in the forwardline.

They have a good list and they always seem to be around in the business end of the season.


Rohan is a garbage footballer.
Not even worthy of holding Tippa’s gym bag !


Rohan has speed which is a weapon.
And he is allowed to throw opponent in the goal square. :slight_smile:
But he goes missing and gets injured easily.

Myers has a weapon - the Cannon.
Langfords weapon is his matrix decision making. like Fyfe And he is a great kick for goal.
Guelfi - well hes a hard worker, no real stand out weapons
Clarke - is good in close, no real weapons
Mutch is good at everything but no real weapons, but I still listen to Kellys words that Mutch was a player he picked would be a good player for EFC. He might just need a longer VFL apprenticeship.
All these young guys have the potential to have a better career than Rohan.

Have to rememebr that Rohan was a higher draft pick than the rest of these guys, maybe Bar Myers and we know Myers wont reach the heights we hoped after the draft…


Both of them tend to play injured for large patches of the year, same with Selwood. Playing injured can lower your effectiveness and that was shown last year.


doesn’t stop him from playing well against us though!


All true, doesn’t change the fact that they’ve tweaked things and hit the ground running though.


Essendon will kill for G Rohan’s hot garbage right now.


So would the Swans !