Season 2019 - Geelong


Not required. They have B Ronke supplying all the hot garbage they need.


I don’t know what hot garbage is but i’m going to assume it would fit in well with the rest of the garbage we’re dishing up at the moment and that’s the only reason Essendon would want it


Our garbage is unfit and confused so some hot garbage would offer a point of difference.


Every side could use some G Rohan Hot Garbage.


How is it every year they look so much bigger and stronger that us?

Look at the arms and shoulders on their players, they must have some program down there.

Even ablett today looked big, bigger than he ever was at the suns


It’s because they spend a lot of time and effort staying away from that cliff they were supposed to hit in 2011.
It’s a professionally run organisation with great systems. They back themselves in to get more out of a player.
Also what helps…
They use their VFL team as a pathway to the AFL. They get players in, tell them that if they learn the system and play well through the VFL, they’ll reward them through the draft. Atkins, Stewart and a few others have been done this way.
They also pick the eyes out of talent that no one in their right mind would bother with (Tuohy, Henderson, Blicavs, etc.) because they trust that once players are in their system, they’ll get the most out of them.
As with all the well run teams of the last decade (West Coast, Hawthorn, Sydney, Geelong, Collingwood) they do more things well than they do badly.


Be patient. Cats will finish top 4 and go out in straight sets.
It will be a beautiful thing to behold.


I reckon that’s a big chance. There’s something about them that I reckon won’t stand up in finals, but I can’t exactly work out what


He might not have been a sniper before. But in rounds 7 and 8 he was a sniper. He is also a stats pumper, especially during his days at the Gold Coast where he demanded the ball all the time and the 1:2 was his standard operating procedure.

GEELONG champion Gary Ablett has accepted he has a “flaw” in his head-high blocking technique but has taken exception to suggestions he is a sniper. Ablett avoided sanction for his high body ‘check’ on North Melbourne’s Sam Wright last week, just days after he was cleared to play by the AFL Tribunal for a similar incident on Essendon’s Dylan Shiel.



its going to be a Cats v Pies grand final and Steve Hocking will bust a nut that he got away with it


Touhy would have gotten a game with a lot of teams.




If it has no effect on GAJ, why does Scott spend time nagging at us about it in the presser. Maybe it actually is getting to GAJ?
In fact in just about every press conference for the last month he has been devoting time to defending Ablett. There are actually 21 other players in the team each week.


I don’t understand why he’s still getting booed.
Is it just because people have been told not to?

Or is this what racism looks like?


If Scott and the media just shut up about it and ignored it, it would stop.


Its clearly “tallpoppyism”

Now that its got a name, its pretty certain the AFL will want to stamp it out.


It sure didn’t seem to have any effect on him last night


I massively underrated them in the preseason. Had them on 12 wins for the season and sneaking into 8th based on percentage. Also, hugely overrated the Tigs, Crows and Dees. A big reason that I am getting smashed in the FLR comp. Cats will go close this year.


They showed their outs. None of them are undeniably best 22. Best was Menegola who may be in the magoos. With Atkins, Miers and Dahlhaus added to the team, he’s no guarantee.

Our injury list hasn’t been huge but it’s who’s missing. All our tallish forwards plus Raz. 2 Crichtons, 3 AA’s and a potential AA.

But Joe, Smack, Brown, Stewart, Lav, Fridge for significant time.


Remarkable that a team coming off 3 premierships inbewetween 07 - 11 and only missed finals maybe once in the last 12 years? (Feel free to correct that) is looking like adding to that success. You’d think losing Scarlett, Harely, Enright, Bartel, Corey, Johnson and a whole host of other stars and AA players have been able to rebuild without going anywhere near the bottom of the ladder. Even tho I’m jealous because we’ve been dog crap for the last 15 years you can’t help but admire what they’ve been able to do. Truly remarkable