Season 2019 - Gold Coast


I think it’s pretty clear most of those guys had made up their minds before Dew arrived.
I think he made the right decisions with the types of players he brought into the list for 2019


Nah, the Swans did very well out of the COLA over the years.


Yes, Brisbane and the Swans famously did well out of it.


Ah, forgot all about that even happening.


I was very much including the Swans & Lions as expansion clubs with the overall point being that I don’t believe the current admin help out GWS & GC as calculatedly as they did with the Swans & Lions. It very likely may still be coming with GC in particular if they continue to be a basket case but atm the academy picks is the only targeted measure & it could be argued most of the other changes to trading & the draft have worked against GC & GWS. The Lions COLA dissipated before the Swans which I believe is a significant reason why the Lions fell away while the Swans have remained at or near the top for more than a decade. Extra money in the cap is not a cure all but I believe its the biggest leg up the AFL have employed. Again draft picks & trading for gun players still has to work within the constraints on the salary cap.


If you exclude the nine billion first round picks they each got, the pre-listed squad of 17 year olds they each got, and the under 17 mini draft, then sure. Neither of them got anything.