Season 2019 - GWS


Coach – Leon Cameron

2018 –
Points For – 11th
Points Against – 6th

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Lachie Whitfield
  2. Callan Ward
  3. Phil Davis
  4. Stephen Coniglio
  5. Nick Haynes

2018 Rising Star Noms

Sam Taylor (Rnd 17)

Ins – Jye Caldwell, Jackson Hately, Xavier O’Halloran, Ian Hill, Kieren Briggs, Connor Idun

Outs – Ryan Griffen, Rory Lobb, Tom Mohr, Tom Scully, Will Setterfield, Dylan Shiel, Lachlan Tiziani

My Prediction

The sheer consistency of me over rating where GWS will end up is stunning. Every year I look at their list, run through where they were at and predict them to smash the competition. Every year I am wrong. Last year they had excuses with injuries but there has to be more to it than that. At some stage they are going to have to start running both ways. They lack defensive hunger and I don’t know how the fix that.

The backline looks strong. They missed Williams for a lot of last year and they looked much better when he came back in despite being underdone. They are good for talls back there and as a backline I think they work well. They suffer due to the lack of pressure put on up the field by their mids which means the delivery into the opposition forwards is harder to defend against. I thought Shaw showed signed last year that his best is behind him and will be interesting to see if he holds his spot.

The midfield reads really well. Whitfield, Coniglio and Kelly are the best top three going around. They use the ball brilliantly and when given space and time, they will tear you to shreds. I know I am repeating myself but the issue for mine is how hard they chase and tackle. They back in their talent to beat you but when they lose, it looks ugly. Having a better ruck this year would certainly help them, they will also be looking for improvement from the likes of Taranto and Hopper to move to the next level.

The forward line underperformed last year. They need Greene to play a full year and they need Cameron to find his way. He looked good in patches last year but their structure never seemed to allow him space. Himmelberg needs to step up this year and own the full forward spot and they need Deledio to get his body right and as often as possible be the person who kicks the ball into their forward fifty. Patton may be back about half way through the season but then again he may not, he is feeling like this generations David Schwartz (without the gambling issues and probably without the same runs on the board). The forward line is capable but doesn’t inspire confidence.

I can totally see why they went back to Mumford. Lobb is gone and he never liked rucking anyway. They looked much better the year before when they had Mumford at least breaking even in the middle. I thought Simpson looked alright at times last year as well but he is a class below the best rucks. As far as the coach goes, I don’t know if he is under pressure, he should be. The game plan looks outdated seems to rely too often on the talent of the individuals in the team.

Last year was horrible for GWS. They had injuries everywhere and never really got a good run at it. When things looked like they were ok, the team looked a little one paced and only looked like they ran one way. It will be interesting to see how they play this year. They are still a top six team on talent alone, with the right style of play and a little luck they are a top four team. They are also a legitimate chance to miss the eight entirely. I think they are likely to finish between 6th and 9th.


They traded Smith to us. That fixed it :slight_smile:.

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Probably is the best three. Increasingly it’s becoming shallow though. Outside of Ward there isn’t many proven performers left.

To lose Griffen, Sheil, Smith and Scully the last two seasons hurts them. I know they have a never ending stream of first round picks but a lot of them have been moving on too.

They only need 1 or 2 of those super 3 to leave and they could very well miss getting a flag with this group.

Talent is there to make top 4. They haven’t really strengthened their squad in the trade period, they lost some good players on top of that

4-5 for mine

I respect their talent.
I don’t respect their anything else.
I’d be interested to know the biggest margin they’ve come back from.

Look fantastic on paper but that’s it.

Patton is made of Glass. Greene is a basket case. Biggest issue is their retention of experience and the Ruck. Mumford is no certainty.

As long as they lose round 1.

I think they’ll be a tough team to beat but the lack of forwards will be their epitaph. Without Patton I just don’t see many goals outside of Greene and Cameron. Kelly and Coniglio trade talk will be disruptive too.

Ward is in their best 3 mids every day of the week.

If they had 2 or 3 more guys with his heart they’d have won flags by now.

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GWS Best 22.
I usually froth over this one with all the talented mids to try and squeeze in the lineup.

B: Corr Tomlinson Haynes
HB: Shaw Davis Williams
C: Whitfield Ward Taranto
HF: Deledio Cameron Langdon
F: Greene Patton Himmelberg
FOLL: Mumford Kelly Coniglio
I/C: Hopper, Perryman, Buntine Caldwell,

EMG: Jackson Hately, Adam Kennedy, Aidan Bonar,
Depth Matt De Boer, Tom Sheridan, Sam Reid, Jeremy Finlayson

Losing Shiel, Lobb and Scully (altho didnt play much last year) should hurt them on field.
Giants will want Hopper, Perryman, Bonar, Buntine to improve as high draft picks, and Caldwell may force his way into the team early given they rated him highly

They still have some quality playuers/high draft picks missing out.

Prediction 4-8 (haven’t shown the ticker/desire yet for finals football)


EMG: Jackson Hately, Adam Kennedy, Aidan Bonar,
Depth Matt De Boer, Tom Sheridan, Sam Reid, Jeremy Finlayson”

I reckon that’s one of the more ordinary lists of EMG/depth going around.
Kennedy is decent, Finlayson looked alright,
Sheridan, De Boer and Sam Reid are decidedly poopy, and a few unseen kids.

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Looking over their best 22 it’s not as scary as it was projecting in 15 and 16. They probably should have won the past two flags, they had a better team than West Coast and Richmond.

They had a better list - clearly they didn’t have a better team.
Teams need players to sacrifice for each other.
If it was the 1970’s all the GWS players (except for Ward) would be wearing white ankle bandages - the classic sign of the show pony.


Definitely in their top 4.

he’s in their top 1.

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Their list doesn’t look as strong this season as last. They have lost some high quality players, and it is difficult to see their replacements living up to the same high standard of skills. They are beginning to slide, but will remain in contention for the lower rungs of the final 8.

Don’t know that he’s their “best” midfielder on ability, but he’s certainly the barometer and probably the most crucial.
In general he seems to be one of the more underrated players in the league.

De Boer is easily best 22. He has been very good for them

Mummy has a club imposed ban of 2 weeks , now reported for striking, he may get weeks and should get significant weeks for a high hit. ( unless it was with the open hand, in which case the AFL regards it as a push, irrespective of percussive effect) . No doubt the club sanction and any AFL sanction will be imposed concurrently.

Fact is, we will have ruck supremacy in round 1.

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Iirc tbell have mummy a bath last time they played against each other.

Oh yeah.
The MRP is a thing.