Season 2019 - Hawthorn


Coach – Alistair Clarkson

2018 –

Points For – 6th
Points Against – 3rd

Top 5 Best and Fairest

  1. Tom Mitchell
  2. Blake Hardwick
  3. Isaac Smith
  4. Jack Gunston
  5. Jaeger O’Meara

2018 Rising Star Noms

Harry Morrison (Rd 20)
James Worpel (Rd 21)

Ins – Chad Wingard, Jack Scrimshaw, Tom Scully, Darren Minchington, Jacob Koschitzke, Matthew Walker, Damon Greaves, Will Golds, Tom Mohr

Outs – Ryan Burton, Taylor Duryea, Kurt Heatherley, Kieran Lovell, Jonathan O;Rourke, Cyril Rioli, Ty Vickery, Brendan Whitecross, Dallas Willsmore

My Prediction

I think Hawthorn is the toughest team to predict this season. You look at their list and it feels out of balance and there are some aging players who you would think have their best behind them but then they have Clarkson, no other coach could have squeezed a top four performance out of that list last year. They don’t have the talent to be top 4 but there they were.

The backline was great last year. They definitely benefitted form the full ground defending but they also stopped teams and most weeks got the job done. Hardwick stepped up and gave really good support to Frawley. I think they will miss Burton who was one of their best users before they started messing with his form and moving him around. Sicily is a great talent and I am not convinced they wont swing him forward. I think they may need him more there. His lack of discipline he dsiaplys at times wont be as costly there either.

The midfield is serious worry now. So much feel onto Mitchell’s shoulders and without him I don’t know if they can win enough ball. They are really an injury in the middle away from a disaster. O’Meara can be expected to improve on last year. Mitchell carried players like Smith last year and listed those around him. They look short on depth need serious years from the likes of Worpel and Shiels to match last years result. I don’t know what to expect from Scully if anything at all.

The forward line gains a serious talent in Wingard but unless they move Sicily forward, they look short on marking players. Roughead is in the decline and Puopolo at times last year looked a shadow of his best. Breust was outstanding and Gunston found some of his mojo. They need more though and I don’t know where it is going to come from.

McEvoy is a quality first ruck and will need to have a fantastic year this year, they have some depth with Ceglar but you wouldn’t want to rely on him for long periods. Not much you can say about the coach that hasn’t been said. He will get the best out of the team and generally will find a way to get the best out of players that other people couldn’t.

Mitchell is a massive out, the one player they couldn’t afford to lose. They don’t have a lot of extractors and Mitchell is the best one in the game. I think it is going to cost them dearly. Before his injury I was thinking they were likely to drop towards the bottom of the eight. Unless someone steps up significantly in his absence, I think they are a very good chance to miss the finals. I think they belong between 8-10.


They are FARKED and it is going to be GLORIOUS



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We need to pump these ■■■■■ this year. They need a serious belting just because they are Hawthorn.


Finishing top 4 last year should have given them a tougher draw this year.

The loss of Mitchell is huge (obviously)…if not for that, you could almost seeing them have another good year as they don’t seem to have lost much from their overall list.

I hate this thread. Goodbye.


■■■■ Hawthorn. Repeatedly. Over and over and over again.

■■■■ em.


Their list is one year older, and slower. Wingard coming in can’t cover for the size of the hole made by Mitchell going out. How many games he will miss is anyone’s guess, but he carried their midfield last year and a lot rested on his shoulders. O’Meara will improve, but isn’t the same type of player Tom is. The defence still looks water tight, but the forward line is a worry. Where are the goals going to come from? Roughead is slowing down and Poppy isn’t he same threat he was in seasons gone by. Wingard is clever, but will be needed more in the midfield. Bruest was fantastic last year, but it is too much to ask him to be the main man they go to for scores. Gunston is still classy, but Clarko moves him around to plug holes elsewhere. Their depth is thin and they have little coming through.

Best 22
B: Hardwick Frawley Stratton
HB: Burgoyne Sicily Birchall
C: Scully Worpel Smith
HF: Henderson Gunston Impey
F: Breust Roughead Puopolo
R: McEvoy, O’Meara Wingard
Int: Shiels, Howe, Scrimshaw Morrison
Emg: Ceglar, Schoenmakers, Koschitzke
Edit: Forgot Scrimshaw, If he can come on will almost make up for losing Burton. Reports training. well

Have a look at the Hawks list and you will see that they lack depth.
Defence is solid. But Clarko may need to tinker as allblack suggested and send Siciliy forward and perhaps blood Koschitzke in defence.
Their midfield really needs Wingard to have fitness to run through midfield as lack A Grade talent.
Run from defence is from Old blokes - Birchall and Burgoyne, not sure how fresh Burgoyne will be when needed in midfield. Loss of Burton here may be a weakness in the future and to help cover old man injuries.
I have Scully in selected side as when fit he will be but round 1 probably has Worpel on Wing and Shiels in the guts.
Forwardline is ok, but aging Roughead, Bet Clarko would love to add Rioli to the mix but hes enjoying retirement. Henderson was serviceable last year Breust is their Number 1 goal kicker, with father time catching Roughy and Puopolo. They would be hoping wingard can still hit the scoreboard from the midfield as well.

First choice Midfield is ok, but they will lack depth, Mitchell could run all day and carried them last year. He will be sorely missed. They will be hoping O’Mearas body holds up as cant afford him to miss games, and he will probably receive the tag and the body hits.

Even a Hawks supporter would be a bit pessimisitc of the chances of making the 8.

Yet due to the wonder coach I still give them a outside chance. Would need to be something like team defence that keeps them in it. Maybe slingshot style, win ball at half back and score on counter attack.

Prediction 8-15th.

I can see them tanking as soon as finals are off the radar.



The loss of Burton will sting them, not just from he personnel side of things. but also from the manner in which he was dumped. The ruthless way he was moved on, means no one on their list is safe from being cut. l rated Burton highly, it appears l rated him higher than the Dawks do.


■■■■ Hawthorne with a kingdom of dicks


Omera is a skilled player no doubt, but Rubber Knees (as my GC supporting mate calls him) has yet to manage a full season and will have a better player running with him with Mitchell out.

Will be interesting to see if/when Tom Scully gets back on the park and how he goes if he does.

Hawthorn supporters are very upset by the dropping of Burton too. They’re already very thing on young talent due to their trading strategy. Trading their best young player was a seriously dumb thing to do. Looks like Clarkson is going to push really hard to win another flag in his last few years and then leave their list in ruins.


BS, No one supports them


Gee, Fark Carlton get 505 replies on Blitz, Collingwood 65 (thread started 23 hrs ago). And Hawthorn, one of Essendon supporters most despised team, has a miserable 14 replies for a post that started 4 days ago. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?

They’re done. Finally after all these years, the 3 perennially successful clubs in the AFL over the past decade, Hawthorn, Geelong and Sydney, are finished. The system finally has caught up with them. Yeah Hawthorn got Wingard and Scully in, they are “win now” moves, but the rest of the list is ordinary, exacerbated moreso by the serious injury to Tom Mitchell, who let’s all hope that he makes a full recovery from, but when you look at it, he is their engine room. Talk of Wingard taking up midfield time is laughable given he’;s one of the biggest sheepdogs in the game. He doesn’t help them win the ball at source, which is where Hawthorn will be found out with the reigning Brownlow Medallist out for a large chunk of, if not all of 2019. The older guys will fall off the cliff. There were enough signs to suggest Roughy is on his last legs. Birchall didn’t get on the park all season, Burgoyne is 75. They can’t go on forever, and the guys who would come in to replace those guys are not a patch on them. By no means does this mean they can’t make finals, but their days as a premiership threat are over.


One of the best ways to get at Dawks supporters is basically to acknowledge they’re stuffed, ignore them, and move on.
Save the hatred and loathing for game day.


End of 2019
Hawks Out : Burgoyne, Roughead, Birchall,
Potentially Frawley, Puopolo & Henderson as well

In; Conigilio Free agent

■■■■ that, he’ll come to Essendon.

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I agree mate. People don’t talk about them any more because they’ve become redundant. Seriously bad list management strategy is about to bite them. And i’m over hearing this “Clarkson is a genius and can make it work”. He’s probably the best coach in the league but that can only take you so far when the list is going backwards so quickly.

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