Season 2019 - North Melbourne - first to sack then appoint their coach

Yes, you really should forget about it.

It’s the wrong Scott.

There is no way the club will sack Worsfold to get Brad Scott, no chance whatsoever.

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You’re right.

We will sack Woosha to get Clarko, but end up with Brad Scott.


No, but if it’s decided that Worsfold is not to be continued with, we don’t want to be the last one on the dance floor to pick the best available candidate

BSD won’t stand it until the minute it happens, because at that point it will be a decision made by the club and therefore perfect in every way


I’m probably speaking like an accountant, but if they are going into a rebuild, why wouldn’t you keep him for 2020, yes 10 years is a long time, but announce the rebuild, keep him for the first year which is always the worst, and move him on at the end of the contract.

Whoever coaches the first year of the rebuild is going to cop the worst of it, so it might as well be the bloke on the way out with the contract.

Having said that, what are his tactics like, would he be a good assistant?

Apparently he wanted to leave, not the other way around.

Wasn’t there the rumour 2 years ago that he only signed his contract extension because he believed Dusty Martin would be joining North?

Wouldn’t be surprised to see him coach Sydney next year.


Are Sydney and North just going to swap coaches?

I believe that, because there wern’t meetings about sacking him at all…

Apparently the situation is:

They’re looking at a re-build. It’s a 4+ year process. He didn’t want to give a long term commitment. They want to know that whatever coach starts the re-build process follows it through.

This is all whispers. Can’t confirm any of it.

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I like this smj

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My North mate reckons lock in Mitchell with Hodge as assistant.

There’s a difference between what they wish for and what they get


Yep. Just ask Dusty, DeGoey & Kelly.

There was certainly meetings about sacking him. They just weren’t by the club. There was discontent in supporter and ex player ranks that were gunning for him. These two groups had aligned and had become a loud voice.

Note to self…change tip if/when coach is likely to get the lemonade and sars


I’m the only one who tipped Norf in my comp and that was before scott got the ■■■.

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A few have tipped them in the two comps I’m in…but nobody near the top of the leaderboard (unlike my dud Port Adelaide tip :rage: )