Season 2019 - North Melbourne - first to sack then appoint their coach

Vision of Brad Scott running to the 3/4 time huddle, nearly cleans up David King and have him a gobful on the way past. Magnificent!


Goldstein 57 hitouts
Cordy 8
English 7

That’s a paddlin’


Hire this man!!!

Dusty is going to Sydney?

BScott was handling his exit really well until his verbal tirade at King. He sounded like a thug and behaved like a thug. That wasn’t a good interview for his next job.

I’ve only just seen it but loved it. Would have preferred to see him belt King on the way past though


Sec-ond, sec-ond, sec-ond, sec-ond

It’s because he’s a complete fkn Cocksmack, … but he hides it most of the time.

Ever the jealous vindictive younger of 2 twins, he exhibits the classic character flaws of such.

How people could want this bloke anywhere near our club is truly beyond belief.


I missed that, is it in the post match presser?

Browne throwing ■■■■ at the wall again implying Saints looking to move Richardson on and might, possibly, could look at, taking Scott.

Brad Scott speaking now, he is speaking well considering the clear emotions involved.


He’s done a good job at North considering the clubs challenges.
Speaking very well and putting the club first. I’d take him as an assistant coach in a heart beat.


Tom browne is an actual leech.

fixated on the phrase ‘rebuilding phase’

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Shaw will be coach for the rest of the season

Odd sacking IMO. North were always going to be ■■■■ this season. Not sure what they were expecting

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Is that the Shaw that shat himself in that grand final? Great role model

Can he come coach us?

How they play and how they coach are two different things.

Look at Worsfold

You’re right

Please welcome our new coach - Blaine Boekhorst

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Wonder if north will let brad attend their Best and fairest.

Also reckon its a fair dog act to have king immediately after the presser on tv.

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