Season 2019 - North Melbourne - first to sack then appoint their coach

Damian Barrett on the AFL website says that this decision will allow Scott to enter negotiations for other coaching vacancies that are expected to come at Carlton, St Kilda & possibly Essendon.


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I totally get that view! I don’t like him. At all. But I reckon he’s a good coach

so why is he getting sacked if hes a good coach?

SMJ may be getting confused with Chris Scott

Brad is the Danny deVito of the twin set


Bring in Theresa May.


Barrett reckons he is gone.

But the dump I just took has more integrity than Barrett so I don’t fully buy into that.



Didn’t tom brown raise this on triple m 10 hours ago? Why give the purple flog credit, hes taking someone else’s story

Gee, Scott’s face is going to make Grumpy Cat (RIP) look like he’s in hysterics on the day he gets sacked.

Can’t wait.

On the eve of a game?
Seems abit weird.

Oi…attribution please. Although it was in the other thread.

Is Brad the one at Geelong?


The Scott mother makes them swap so it’s fair for Little boy Brad

So North have officially announced it

I can honestly say I hadn’t read that post. Can we say that we are both comedy geniuses, but that you are two hours faster than me, Noonan??



Norf website is still leading with a denial story.

If they thought we gave knights a hard time…

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